Friday, October 28, 2016


A heartbroken woman watched in horror as a Staffie leaped into her front garden and threw her tiny teacup dog around “like a rag-doll” before killing it.
Disgusted Lynn Kane said her Pomeranian “didn’t stand a chance” against the larger animal when it jumped over the fence at her Hamilton home and savaged the family pet.
And police are appealing for witnesses as they believe the incident may be connected to two other STAFFORDSHIRE  BULL TERRIER  attacks in the town.
Lynn (45) said: “It was horrific. My 15-year-old daughter witnessed it too and we are both traumatised by it.
“I was hysterical, then the Staffie’s owner jumped the fence and put the dog on the lead before running off.”
The dog that was killed was called Cookie, and another Pomeranian named Suzie survived the ordeal at the Hillside Terrace home in Fairhill.
Lynn added: “I have two Pomeranians, and they were both out in the secure front garden.
“The garden is completely fenced off with extra chicken wire, making it safe for the dogs to play in.
“Both dogs were in the garden when I heard one of them barking frantically.
“When I looked out I couldn’t believe what I saw. Suzie immediately ran inside when I opened the front door and the Staffie had Cookie in her mouth – throwing her about like a rag-doll.
“I picked up Cookie and thought she was still breathing. My neighbour came over and offered to run me to the vets, but by the time we got to the vets it was too late. Cookie was already gone.
“It was terrible, she was covered in blood and all wet – it really was awful.”
Lynn, who explained that Cookie was a rescue dog, said her pet didn’t stand a chance.
She added: “I really want the owner to be caught. I am absolutely disgusted by it all.”
The dog was described as a brindle-coloured Staffordshire bull terrier and its owner was a man aged between 25 and 30, slim build and with a Scottish accent. He was wearing a grey tracksuit and possibly a dark skipped cap.
Police are also investigating two other incidents believed to be related to the attack on Cookie, which took place on Tuesday, October 18, at around 5.30pm.
Dog owner Lorraine Trager says her black Labrador was also attacked by an animal with a matching description.
However on this occasion, another white Staffordshire Bull Terrier was also involved.
Lorraine, of Hamilton was out walking with her partner Robert Brand and their pet Poppy in the park near to the town’s Fairhill Avenue, when the attack happened on Sunday, October 16.
She said: “It was late and quite dark, but Poppy had her light-up collar on and we had a torch with us when two dogs ran over to Poppy and began to attack her.
“There was lots of shouting from me and my partner but the owner of these dogs had no control over them whatsoever.
“The whole situation was very scary and got very frantic with everyone shouting. My partner grabbed Poppy and managed to lift her, and we made our way out the park. It was the only way of getting her safely out of the situation.
“It turned out she had been bitten twice by the dogs. We got her home so we could examine her further and called the police. My partner made his way back to the park to see if the dogs and their owner were still there, but there was no sign of anyone. Poppy was lucky as she was a big dog, but a smaller dog wouldn’t have stood a chance.”
Poppy was taken to a vet after one of her wounds became badly infected and is now on a course of anti-biotics, while her owners have been hit with a bill of £200.
A third incident was reported to police on Tuesday, October 19, near to the park area at the town’s Westwood Crescent. A 58-year-old woman was walking her dog when it was attacked and sustained a number of injuries.
The dog responsible is also described as a brindle-coloured Staffordshire bull terrier.
On this occasion a woman described as aged between 18 and 22, slim build and wearing a grey jogging suit appeared to be the person in charge of the dog.
Police were this week appealing for witnesses to all three attacks.
Chief Inspector Sandy Blair said: “We are anxious to trace these dogs and their owners as they present an obvious danger to the public.
“If you have any information that could help, please contact Constable Wylie at Hamilton Police Office.”
Contact the police using the non-emergency number 101 or you can ring Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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