Saturday, October 29, 2016


During the early hours of Saturday a man was killed after being attacked by THREE PIT BULL BREED DOGS, who left a home. The -indigente- victim who approached the garbage can was surprised by the dogs who tore almost one leg, arms and face. 
The man lost his life after bleeding to death on the street. Municipal Police officers arrived at the scene after they reported a lifeless person on the street. 
The incident occurred in the streets 31 and Urquidi colony neighborhood of London. The place and staff also attended State prosecutors, who raised the corpse and searched for owners of vicious dogs that ended the life of a man. 
The finding was reported as an executed person, however, the surprise was that dogs also killed.

Durante la madrugada de éste sábado un hombre perdió la vida luego de ser atacado por tres perros de la raza pitbull, quienes salieron de una vivienda. La víctima -indigente- quién se acercó al tambo de basura fue sorprendido por los canes quienes le arrancaron casi una pierna, brazos y rostro.
El hombre perdió la vida luego de desangrarse en la calle. Agentes de la Policía Municipal llegaron al lugar luego de que reportaran a una persona sin vida en la calle.
Los hechos ocurrieron en las calles 31 y Urquidi de la colonia Barrio de Londres. Al lugar también acudieron Estatales y personal del Ministerio Público, quienes levantaron el cadáver y buscaron a los dueños de los bravos perros que acabaron con la vida de un hombre.
El hallazgo fue reportado como una persona ejecutada, sin embargo, la sorpresa fue que los perros también asesinan.


Anonymous said...

Thank God we have pit bulls protecting garbage cans from vagrants! We wouldn't want our garbage stolen, now would we?

The poor victim! This happens in every country, regardless of laws. Pit bulls are horrid creatures.

I want a cute purse said...

They are horrid creatures and people defend them relentlessly. We had neighbors over last night and got on the Pitbull subject. I told my story of why I think they're dangerous and two women (no kids/ dog mommies) immediately started chanting pit-loving key phrases. I knew I was not going nowhere fast so I let them speak and then said I don't agree. They were pretty icy for a little while. We eventually got on a less sensitive subject but it was so awkward. I couldn't believe they were literally getting mad about me not liking a dog breed they both don't even own. It's crazy!

Dayna said...

Wow! I want a cute purse, that IS crazy!!! I've come to see that the pit bull subject is as touchy as religion and politics with most people.