Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Our Brave Boy Bruno is back in surgery, infection has set in! Please keep the prayers coming ❤️
PIT BULL ATTACK: To all my facebook neighbors and friends, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take care and be extra vigilant while out and about in Clara Barton, especially on the greenway and Dudash Park. On Monday morning last, Debbie was walking our dogs, Molly and Bruno in that area when out of nowhere two pit bulls (no collars, no leashes) came charging at them, they headed straight for Deb and our brave boy Bruno blocked the attack and saved his Mom and Molly. Unfortunately, these two pit bulls viciously attacked our boy, Deb managed to scoop Molly up and run for help. I heard her screams! I ran toward her voice as she screamed to call 911, Bruno was being attacked. I frantically called 911 while running toward our boy to help him. Thanks to the help of our wonderful neighbors and two others who were passing by and saw the attack, they stopped to help us, we managed to get them off Bruno long enough to scoop him up and get him to the vet. Two police cars eventually arrived and managed to corral these vicious dogs who's jaws were dripping in Bruno's blood into a neighbors yard to contain them. Animal control arrived shortly afterwards and it took them a LONG time to capture the dogs.
Our boy underwent a long surgery that day, this attack has left him with over 20 puncture wounds, 12 drains, extensive bruising and blood loss. Thanks to the help of Dr. Alex Adler and the wonderful staff at the Woodbridge Veterinary Group, Bruno will make a full (but slow) recovery physically, mentally is another issue.

The pit bulls are in quarantine, we learned from Animal Control that the owner of these dogs lives two blocks from us on Wiley Ave. She told them she had NEVER taken these dogs to a vet and they have NEVER HAD VACCINES, as if that's not enough they tell us once the quarantine period is up, these dogs are being returned to their owner. WHY, WHY, WHY would they allow this to happen?
This attack happened at a time when school buses come by to pick up a lot of kids on Safran Ave., had these dogs gone in that direction, this would be all over the news!

Sadly, by law, our pets are deemed "property", this law needs to be changed! my pets are my family.
Molly is so scared now she won't move off the block when we try to walk her. Bruno is such a brave boy and is improving a little everyday.

I am asking you all to share our story with your family and friends and neighbors in our area so everyone is aware and take necessary steps to be safe. That day will haunt us for the rest of our lives!

Although I know these pictures are disturbing, I really feel you should see the damage that can be done and again I urge you to be aware of your surroundings and be safe.

I am asking Animal Control, our Mayor Tom Lankey, our Police, our Public Representatives to please re-consider the return of these dogs to an owner who has not cared for them the right way!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us about Bruno, prayed for him and us, we feel the love. Keep the prayers coming, they are working.


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