Thursday, November 10, 2016


Tuesday afternoon my friend's son was attacked by a family dog. Thankfully the damages, although severe, were only cosmetic and the doctors at MUSC did an amazing job on his face. Both parents are going to be out of work while Caylex heals so they really need help with bills and daily expenses temporarily. Anything would help right now.   Prayers for baby Caylex!

Colleton County Animal and Environmental Control Director Reginald McNeil says he will do everything in his power to see to it that a PIT BULL  that attacked a 2-year-old child on Nov. 8 never returns to Chestnut Road.

Officials of Animal and Environmental Control, the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office and Colleton County Fire-Rescue were called to the home in the 400 block of Chestnut Road on Nov. 8 shortly after 4 p.m.
Paramedics arriving at the home found that the 2-year-old boy had sustained serious facial injuries in the attack. He was quickly transported to the Medical University of South Carolina facilities in Charleston for treatment.

McNeil said his department took control of the dog after the attack because the owner of the animal could not provide evidence that the dog had an up-to-date rabies vaccination. The dog was quarantined at the animal shelter because of that lack of documentation.

McNeil said the dog will not be returned to its owner because of its history of unprovoked attacks. The pit bull had injured another youngster in 2014, McNeil said.

A GoFundMe account,, has been established to seek donations to help the family with medical bills.


I want a cute purse said...

Makes my blood boil to see this innocent child suffer. You have kids!!!!! Stop bringing home Pitbulls!!!
Who's the a-hole smiling/posing with the scarred baby? Ok, I gotta say it....
We all know you're too stupid to know you should NEVER have had your baby son around a Pitbull. You shouldn't have made a Pitbull your family pet. Do you think you ought to preserve what's left of your emotionally traumatized son's dignity and stop with the pictures???? Ever heard of respect and reverence? Maybe THE BABY doesn't want his picture taken right now. Good God, these people are so fucking selfish, makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

It's sad that no matter how many times the previously sweet, docile, wouldn't-even-hurt-a-fly, family dog does this to a child, parents still think it's great to put a child next to a dog's face/jaws for a cute photo the can post on Facebook.

Farmer Jane said...

"Family dog". Nutter code for pit bull.

I want a cute purse said...

And then they ask for money to pay for their mistakes?! No shame! They ought to be ashamed and feel that white hot regret. NOT asking for money like a bunch of bums.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Every single person that wants a pit bull and has children, should be forced to look at that poor baby's face! Is that what you'd want your child to look like? Come people! WAKE UP! PIT BULLS ARE NOT NANNY DOGS! Quit using your children as pawns in the game NO ONE WINS!

My children did not suffer horrendous injuries because of my stupidity. Yes, I had dogs while they were growing up. A Golden Retriever and a Border Collie. Neither of my children were bitten. I knew about pit bulls back then, and I knew of their dangerous tendencies. This is not that difficult to understand! Pit bulls are fighting dogs. They will fight other dogs, people, children, grandmothers, you name it.

I guess some people have to see for themselves the devastation pit bulls leave behind.

Dayna said...

Those damages are "only cosmetic"!?!?! Holy shit! That poor baby will have those scars the rest of his life!!!! WTF is wrong with people?