Sunday, November 20, 2016


"My step daughter Erin Larkins was at a friends house with her 9 year old son, Xavier.  Xavier went out back to play, as he had done before.  He was petting one of 3 American Bulldogs that were in the back yard.  One bit him, and he screamed. 

His mother, Erin  Larkins heard him scream.  Xavier tries to climb a tree to get away from the dogs who are biting  him over and over.  Xavier doesn't make it up the tree before one of the dogs drags him out of the tree.

His mother, Erin Larkins runs outside to see her 9 year old son being mauled.
Is this your worst nightmare?  It is hers too but her nightmare is only beginning.
Erin gets out in the backyard and screams to her son to RUN.  He was able to get over a fence while she tried to fend off the dogs. 

She was severely injuried when all 3 dogs turned on her as their next victim.  
She suffered the worst dog attack the trauma surgeons at Parkland  Hospital that they have ever seen.

Her injuries are graphic and so are the photos of them.  
She was bitten on all four extremities, both arms and both legs.  
She lost her left ear, and it could not be reattached.

Her left forearm is gashed open in mulitple places, to the bone.
Her upper left arm is gashed open, to the bone.
Her right arm has multiple bites, severe and  painful with the aertery exposed.
Her right shoulder has enormous bites on it.
Her left leg is bruised up and painful.
Her right leg is severely damaged with a large volleyball size area MISSING!
She is black and blue everywhere that isn't chewed on. 

She has 3 kids to take care of still, household bills, a car payment and so on.  She has been in icu for 6 days and she will be in the hospital through the holidays with no real idea of when this nightmare will be over.  She will never be the same, whether she is ever whole or not, she has been forever changed. 

Her father and I and her extire family are doing all we can for her.  She needs your help to get  through this.

Please pray for her, she can use all of them she can get. 
Thank you for all you can do for her during this tragedy over the holiday season."


Sweetie Pie said...

When will people learn? Never-ever enter any physical space where a pit bull type dog is present. Never-ever allow one to get anywhere near your children. If you have to dump friends or family, so be it. The fact that they choose this type of dog in the first place means they aren't worth your time, nor even worth the oxygen they use up from our atmosphere.

I want a cute purse said...

The world would be a better place withOUT fighting breeds. Do they ever improve or enrich a community?!!