Sunday, November 20, 2016


A heartbroken woman is calling for changes in the law after her pug was killed by a ‘powerful dog’ in the care of a Windsor business.
Amy-Elizabeth Edge, 28, of Victor Road, left two-year-old Hugo to be looked after at Mucky Pup Walks in Gordon Road on Monday, November 7.
But the following day, she received a call from company owner Dawn Wishart, who she described as ‘howling and crying’, telling her that something had happened to the pug.
Amy, an account manager for a software company, was on business in Berlin at the time and had left Hugo at the company for the week, at the cost of £10 per night.
When she received the news she immediately called her parents Carolyn and Rodney Edge, who drove straight to the house from their home in Ascot.
According to Amy’s parents, Hugo had been left alone in a room with TWO STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIERS  when the attack occurred.
Mum Carolyn said: “I would never want anyone to visit that scene, it was dreadful.”
A veterinary report, seen by the Express from Pets 1st in Runnymede, confirms Hugo had multiple puncture wounds to his head, neck and chest as well as a broken neck and ribs.
The report states: “These injuries would be consistent with the bite wounds to his chest and a violent shaking action from a powerful dog.”
When mum Carolyn broke the news that Hugo had died to her daughter by phone call, Amy fell to her knees.
“I couldn’t speak, I had to be consoled by my colleagues,” she said.
“I am heartbroken. Someone should have been there supervising but if they have really had to go out, they should separate the dogs.
“You don’t just walk out and leave a tiny pug with two staffies.”
The incident was reported that afternoon to Thames Valley Police but after interviews, the force deemed it a civil case and therefore not a police matter.
Dog walkers and sitters are not required to obtain a licence from the borough, something Amy wants to change.
She also wants to see a law put in place which means dogs that have killed another dog must be put down.
“Just because [the dog] didn’t hurt a human, who is to say it couldn’t,” she added.
“It has tasted blood now.
“We are going to campaign and I want there to be a Hugo’s law. I couldn’t save him but I want to save other dogs.”
Dawn Wishart, from Mucky Pup Walks, said Hugo was a ‘regular fixture’ in her family.
She said: “He was a favourite of all of ours and I do not think that we will ever get over the trauma that his loss has caused.”
She did not want to comment on the circumstances of Hugo’s death on the advice of her insurance company but added police and dog specialists have ruled that ‘no negligent or criminal acts’ were made.
She added they had told her it was ‘an unfortunate incident that can only be explained as canine behaviour’.

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Sweetie Pie said...

I hope this family sues this disgusting Mucky Pup Walks business into bankruptcy. I hope they also sue into total oblivion the revolting person who glibly stated that it's just 'canine behavior' for dogs to suddenly kill each other (or a child, a grandmother, the dog's owner, etc).

Sigh. I hope at least that this news report spreads far and wide, so that Mucky Pup will suddenly find itself with zero customers.