Monday, December 12, 2016


On the morning of November 21st I arrived at my friend's house. As I stepped inside I was greeted by two beautiful pit bulls sitting side by side directly out of the path of the opening door. I had never met these dogs before so you can imagine my surprise. Still holding on to the door and not fully entering the home I said hello to the dogs and before I could take a full step back the male dog leaped at my face.  I pushed him back and before he touched the ground  the female latched onto my left arm.
The male first bit my hip but not getting firm bite he locked onto my thigh right above my knee. I struggled, I thought that I could pull them back a few feet and put the door in between us but they were pulling me forward and down. I was coming to terms with the inevitable and accepting my fate. Remembering the death of a woman years before of a pit bull attack I looked outside to an empty sidewalk and I asked for help. Those words found my friend sleeping in a back room in the house that I thought was empty. He dove to my rescue and pulled the dogs off me getting bit himself. The dogs were my friend's brother's. They were picked up from the pound a few days prior to being in the pound for 2 weeks. Once he pull the female off me she came back for seconds and I had to pin myself in between the corner of the room with a metal chair. One of the doctors told me I'm lucky to be alive that they barely missed major arteries in the arm and leg. I had surgery on my left arm and left leg to repair the muscles the recovery time it is undetermined. I can barely extend my arm and put pressure on my leg. I am not sorry this has happened to me. I have already grown stronger and have a brighter outlook on my future. Life is precious everyday is a blessing.
The dogs were put down R.I.P to the mothafukn dogs that ate me.

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Anonymous said...

"two beautiful pit bulls"

WTF? Pit bulls are not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, or in reality. It sounds like this nutter got a taste of what beautiful pit bulls are really about. They don't just bite, they maul. They don't just maul, they will not stop until you are dead. Without intervention, this lady would have died. Let's keep it a secret though! Wouldn't want other beautiful pit bulls to be dirt napped for trying to kill anything, now would we? Let's let all the other misguided idiots out there learn their lessons the hard way, after they lose an arm, a loved one, or their life. Nah, even then, some lessons are not easily learned. This blog is a perfect example. Even after having her leg ripped open (just a bite my ass), she still calls the maulers beautiful pit bulls. Um, okay! Hopefully your brother's friend will get two more beautiful pit bulls!