Thursday, December 29, 2016


Animal Control

Donald Sigman tried to pull the TWO PIT BULLS  off of his Chihuahua before they killed her, but it was too late.  Without collars or leashes on the two loose dogs there wasn’t much to hold onto, and Sigman, who is disabled, didn’t have the strength to make a difference.

“They basically sawed my Babi in half,” he said.

The incident started outside of Sigman’s Escambia County home on Ailanthus Drive the weekend before Christmas, when he let 2-year-old Babi outside to relieve herself in the front yard.  It was then, Sigman said, that the two pit bulls escaped from a neighbor’s unlocked fence and got hold of his dog, taking roughly 15 seconds to literally tear her in pieces, by his account.

“I tried stopping them. There was nothing but flea collars on them, no tags, no collar, nothing,” he said. 

“I kind of lost control and I just laid over her and started crying.”

Sigman lives alone. He is disabled. To him, Babi the Chihuahua was family.

“She was my mate. As we’re driving down the highway she’d sit on my shoulder in my pickup and in those precious everyday moments, I can’t tell you how close we were,” he said.

A proposed change in Escambia County’s dangerous dog ordinance would give animal control officers more power in determining aggressive behavior, allowing cases like this to not have to wait for a repeat offense before taking action. The Escambia County Board of Commissioners is set to discuss the proposed ordinance at its Jan. 5 meeting, with a recommendation to schedule a public hearing on the issue for Jan. 19.

Currently, the ordinance states that an animal can be deemed aggressive after it has attacked another domestic animal multiple times, but in the proposed verbiage it states that an officer can label the dog as aggressive based on their own judgment from one attack.

Escambia County Animal Control and the Sheriff’s Office responded to Babi’s death after multiple bystanders called authorities. Video of the minutes following the incident taken by neighbor Dana Daniel shows the group yelling at the alleged animal owner as he leaves the scene before law enforcement arrived.

Escambia County Animal Control District Manager John Robinson said there is a record on file regarding the attack, but since the pit bulls and their owner were gone by the time they arrived, no citations have been issued.  READ MORE HERE......

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