Friday, December 30, 2016


A seven-year-old boy is recovering at the hospital after his parents said he was mauled by TWO PIT BULLS  on Christmas Eve.

"I heard him scream and you know a mom knows that scream," said Ethan's mother, Tracy Dowdy.

Ethan's parents said he was doing what any boy his age would do, playing in his grandmother's backyard in Gwinnett County, swinging on a tree branch when the neighbors two Pit Bulls grabbed him by his coat and dragged him to the ground.

"They said if it had been one inch more then it would have hit the main artery and he would have bled out in the neighbors yard," said Tracy Dowdy.

Ethan was rushed to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.  His mother tells FOX 5's Nathalie Pozo he has more than 300 stitches on his body and that doctors were able to sew back one of his ears, but he lost the other.

"I had to find my child's ear, I had to find that," said Ethan's father, Allen Fain.  'I knew without that there basically was not any hope of my little boy looking the same."

Ethan's father was able to find it and doctors hope to reattach it, but little Ethan faces months of rehab and two years of major reconstructive surgeries.  The family said the medical bills are mounting and are grateful to those who have helped and prayed for their son who doctors said could have died.

"He is my little Christmas miracle," said Tracy Dowdy.

Gwinnett County Police said the two Pit Bulls have been put down.  The dogs owner received two citations for public nuisance-attacks without provocation and duty to be responsible owner.  

The family said they are just grateful this was not worse.

"That child had a guardian angel looking over him in that backyard," said Allen Fain.

If you would like to help the family, a family member has setup a fundraising site.


Anonymous said...

Your dog can almost kill someone and all you get is a public nuisance citation. :(

Farmer Jane said...

I'm sorry, but my version of a guardian angel would have made sure that the neighbors had labs for pets. They would have brought the boy a tennis ball instead of ripping off his ears. This attack was entirely preventable and should not have happened. Every person that supports the myth that pits make good pets is responsible. Every person who makes the choice to have a pit for a pet when there are so many other breeds out there is responsible. This neighbor should have to pay for this child's medical bills. He made a poor choice and caused this preventable tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I read this story yesterday, and woke up this morning thinking about it. There should be a public service announcement telling people that if there is a pit bull in the vicinity, seek shelter immediately. Don't stay in your backyard thinking you are safe. Don't climb on a car, get in one. If you see a loose pit bull, take action immediately, arm yourself, yell for help, call 911.

Absolutely no child should have both of their ears ripped off. Incidents like this should only happen once, and never be allowed to happen again. But we have the pit bull advocates working against us, spreading lies about a worthless breed. It is rather heartless to want to annihilate a breed of dog, but I would rather do that humanely, than to see any more children mauled like this. Anyone that supports pit bulls, supports children being torn apart. They are the heartless ones. They are the selfish, delusional haters. They express their hate through their uncontrollable pit bulls. They brag about the few pit bulls that have never ripped a child's ears off. Like that is an accomplishment? Yet they are the first to show up on a news story about a pit bull doing something horrible, and bragging about their wonderful, loving, lick you to death, nanny pit bull.

Why can't they see what we see? Why can't they accept reality?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I took a bit of a break from the unending roll call of attacks to try to recalibrate. (Knowledge and vigilance are good; hypervigilance isn’t helpful.) When you come back, though, it hits you all over again how incredibly sick the situation is.

Before Christmas, there was an attack in Surrey, just south of me, by a dog that had already seriously injured someone a few month ago, but was allowed to go home. It's hard to be sure how you'd behave in a lot of situations, but I think if I lived next to such a dog, I would want to find a way to help it “go into the light.”

Best to everyone for 2017. Stay safe, y’all. The progress seems glacial sometimes, but math is on our side.

jeremy said...

I got attacked by two pit bulls i called the police and they said it wasn't thier concern and told me to call animal control the dogs are still alive and back with thier owner. Even though i got bit in the face.