Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Bloemfontein - The father of a 3-year-old boy from Henneman whose family dog attacked his child says he has no idea why the ROTTWEILER  did it.
Francois Slabbert, 30, a well-known photographer, shot the dog after the attack on Tuesday morning, Netwerk24 reported.
Slabbert was on his way to Ventersburg to take their 1-year-old daughter Liné to the doctor when one of their workers called him to tell him what happened.
His wife Odette was at work in Welkom.
Slabbert said he was in shock and shot the dog because he was scared that it would attack one of the workers too.
Slabbert said the boy, Marco, was mainly bitten on the head and his scalp was torn off. He was due to go into surgery on Tuesday in the Mediclinic Welkom to clean the wound and reattach his scalp.
On the CCTV video material of the incident that Slabbert put on his Facebook page, the boy and dog look at each other and then the dog attacks. Marco did not provoke the animal.
"Marco and the dog grew up together. I don't know what happened or why the dog did that. There has never been any trouble," Slabbert said.
"People judge me now and say I should have taken the dog to the SPCA but they would have put him down anyway. And if he is adopted, he might attack again," he said.
He wrote on Facebook that it was terrible to watch the video material.
"He did nothing to the dog. The dog just attacked and it was hard to watch my little boy being dragged by the head."
Slabbert said he hoped his son would make a full recovery.


Anonymous said...

The Father was responsible enough to put the dog down himself and not risk having it adopted out to potentially attack again.

Good for him.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with people? EVEN WITH visual evidence that the Rottweiler attacked the child without provocation, they are going to criticize the father for shooting the dog? Sorry, but dogs that attack children do not deserve to be humanely euthanized.

Did anyone notice the huge difference between the Rottweiler attack and a pit bull attack? The Rottweiler stopped as soon as someone walked near.

One other thing that does not sit well with me. Why did that person walk away when they saw the attack begin? That is the person I would like to criticize! I hope that person gets fired from their job.