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LAUDERHILL (CBSMiami) – A woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after she was attacked by at least one of her own dogs inside a Lauderhill apartment.
Now she is fighting for her life.
It happened Monday night at the Calypso Cay apartments off S.R. 441 and NW 21st Street.
Yasmin Adam, 43, was visiting her nephew from the Carolinas and brought her three dogs with her. It was the nephew who first saw the dogs attacking her.
“She was lying there and the dogs were on her, biting her, she was telling him to call the police,” said neighbor Joyce Jacob.  He did.
When Lauderhill officers entered the apartment, they found one of the dogs attacking the woman in the living room. They tried using pepper spray to make it stop, but it didn’t work. That’s when one of the officers shot the dog named Lady.
Police were able to hold the other dogs at bay as they got the woman out.
“Her arms, her face, her feet, there was blood on her side and it seem like the dogs were just ripping out her clothes because it was just dangling,” said Jacobs.
The dog shot by the officer was taken to the county’s animal services where it was euthanized.
A SWAT team was called in to remove the other two dogs from the apartment. The two dogs, a male and a female PIT BULL MIX, were also taken to animal services. It’s unknown if those dogs also took part in the attack.
Neighbors were in disbelief when they heard what had happened.
“I said ‘Oh my God I can’t believe something like that really happened’ because those dogs don’t really show no aggressiveness, they’re passive dogs, like they would be drawing away from you,” said Rosemary Waithe. “So it surprised me, it very much surprised me. It’s hurting that you grow an animal and it turns on you.”
Neighbor Dread Gray knows the dogs well.  He says he even offered to buy one from Adam.
“She’s been here with the puppies since they were two months old,” said Gray. “They are eight months old now. The puppies got in a fight, the big dog attacked her.”
The woman suffered severe injuries to her arms, she was taken to Broward Health Medical Center.
“I really think if he hadn’t come home she would’ve gotten killed. At that point she wasn’t able to move, she was defenseless, she was in shock just lying there,” said Jacob.
Tuesday evening, Lauderhill police released the 911 call made by Adam’s nephew when he returned to the apartment and found a dog attacking his aunt.
Nephew: “I have a dog that went rampant in my house and it’s starting to attack its owner.”
911 Dispatcher: “OK, is it your dog?”
Nephew: “Um, no. It’s the owner’s dog and it’s attacking her right now. It’s killing her.”
CBS4’s Carey Codd was told one of his aunt’s MIXED PIT BULLS, a female named Lady, attacked her.
“She’s screaming right now,” the teen told 911. “It’s chewing up her arms”
On the recording you can hear the screams and the dogs barking. Then the nephew became frantic.
“What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?” he screamed. “Let her go! Let her go! Let her go!”
But the dog would not let go.

Adam was alone in the apartment with the dogs when the attack happened. Police have not said what may have caused the dog to attack her.


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Doctors are attempting to determine whether or not they will have to amputate the arms of a woman who was mauled by one of her PIT BULLS  while she was visiting South Florida relatives.
That victim, 43-year-old Yasmin Adam, remains hospitalized Tuesday at Broward Health Medical Center, one day after the attack.
She was visiting her nephew when her three dogs began to fight.  When she tried to break them up, she was attacked by the oldest and biggest of the pets. 
Audio of the 911 call captures the panic in the nephew’s voice:
Dispatcher: “911, what is your emergency?”
Nephew: “Yes, hello. I have a dog that went rampant in my house and started to attack its owner.”
Moments later. the audio captures Adam’s moans and screams.
Nephew: “Please! She’s screaming right now.  THE DOG TOOK HER ARM."
He is then heard talking to Adam, then screaming at the canine to release her. “What do you want me to do? Let her go!” he said.
Officials said the victim was alone when the attack began. “She was in the apartment by herself, and her nephew came in and saw the attack in progress, ran out of the apartment and called 911,” said Lauderhill Police Maj. Rick Rocco.
According to a neighbor, the attack was so severe that Adam stopped resisting during the attack.
She was rushed to the hospital only after police arrived and one of the officers shot and injured the attacking dog. “She was conscious, she wasn’t really saying much,” said neighbor Joyce Jacob.
7News was on the scene as she was transported. Adam’s wounds were in plain sight on her hands and arms, but Jacob said, the wounds were all over the victim’s body. “On both her arms, her face, her feet, I’m assuming the side of her because there was blood on the side of her,” Jacob said. “The dogs were actually ripping her clothes off, because her clothes were hanging and dangling.”
The biggest dog police believe is responsible concerns Jacob because she claimed the victim complained that it recently became more aggressive.
Police barricaded the pit bulls until dog handlers removed them from the apartment. “I think if [her nephew] didn’t come home, she would have gotten killed,” said the neighbor.
“They never really bark at no one outside, and so I’m very much surprised at this incident,” said another neighbor.
The dog police believe is responsible for the attack has since been put down while the other two are in animal care.
Adam is in critical condition and her prognosis at this time is unknown.


A woman was in critical condition after she was attacked by one of her dogs in Lauderhill Monday, officials said.
The incident happened on Northwest 21st Street and 41st Avenue.

Lauderhill Fire Rescue said the woman, 44-year-old Yasmin Adam, was mauled by one of her own three dogs. Officers arrived to the apartment as the dog attacked the woman. She was rushed to Broward Health Medical Center where she remains in critical condition. Adam suffered injuries to both arms and required hours of surgery. 

Police say the woman's nephew walked into the home around 5 p.m. to see the attack. They don't know if the other two dogs also attacked the woman. An officer used pepper spray in an attempt to subdue the aggressive dog, but that had no effect.
The officer was then forced to shoot at the dog, Major Rick Rocco said.

The breed of the dogs was unknown. "I don't want to disparage any particular breed of dog, so we don't know for sure, but  the features appear to be of a PIT BULL," Rocco said.
The dogs remained in the apartment for hours after the attack as officers devised a plan to safely remove them.

"Through the apartment window we can see two of the dogs that appear to be very docile. One is on the bed, one on the floor. We can't see the third dog, which we believe is the aggressor. We don't know if the dog is dead or alive at this moment," Rocco said.

After 11:30 p.m., all three dogs were removed and taken into Animal Control custody. Officers said the dog that was shot survived, but later euthanized. The other two dogs being held are not in quarantined.

Lauderhill Police said Adam was visiting from South Carolina with her three dogs. She was staying at her nephew's apartment.


A woman mauled by one of her dogs inside a Lauderhill apartment was dragged out by first responders after an officer shot at the dog they found on top of her, authorities said.
The woman's nephew called for help around 5 p.m. Monday when he came home and found the woman on the ground with at least one of three dogs biting her, said Maj. Rick Rocco, spokesman of the Lauderhill Police Department.

The attack was still happening inside the apartment at Calypso Cay, in the 4100 block of Northwest 21st Street, when police and fire rescue arrived, Rocco said.
"Officers tried to stop the attack with pepper spray. The pepper spray didn't work and the officer had to discharge a firearm to try to get the dog off of the woman," Rocco said. "We believe that the officer shot one of the dogs."

The woman was rushed into surgery at Broward Health Medical Center, Rocco said. She was in critical condition and had severe injuries to both her arms.
Authorities said the woman is from out of state and had been in South Florida for a couple of weeks visiting family. Neither the woman nor the apartment owner, who is her relative, have been identified by police.

The dogs remained inside the apartment for several hours and police barricaded the front door of the apartment with a small trailer as a precaution.
While police waited for the apartment owner to arrive and let them back inside, Rocco said officers saw the injured dog through the window and realized it was still alive.
He said animal control was called to help with the dogs as police go back inside the apartment. The injured dog would receive medical attention, Rocco said.
Curious neighbors walked out of their apartments and gathered outside in the center courtyard, where they could see the barricaded door and an officer standing nearby, guarding the apartment.
Neighbor Stephanie Colon said she had seen the woman walking her three dogs, which all looked like pitbulls.
"I remember her saying her dogs don't bite," Colon said.
Police have not confirmed what breed the dogs are, but Rocco said they look like they could be pitbull mixes. It is unclear why the dog turned on its owner.
"We don't have a lot of background on this. We're still waiting for the owner of the apartment. Maybe he can shed some light on this whole thing," Rocco said.


(CBSMiami) – A woman was rushed to the hospital Monday after she was attacked by three dogs in Lauderhill.
Police said the attack happened in the 4100 block of NW 21st Street.

A Lauderhill police spokesperson says the officer who responded to the scene saw one dog attacking the woman.

There were three dogs in total in the house, but it’s unknown if the other dogs also took part in the attack.
The woman was visiting her nephew from the Carolinas and brought her dogs with her.
Police are not sure what kind of breed, although they say they have pit bull features.
Authorities said the woman suffered severe injuries to her arms.
Lauderhill Fire Rescue rushed her to the Broward Health Medical Center in critical condition.
The woman’s identity has not been released.


Anonymous said...

why the PIT BULL name is written in red ??????? Police said the breeds are mutts not PIT BULLS

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun it is to hear a nutter got mauled today!

Sorry, I don't feel sorry for idiots that believe THREE pit bulls make fine pets. I have a dog. Guess what? I'm not in the hospital. You know why? BREED MATTERS!

Major Rick Rocco wants to keep the breed on the down low. You know why? Because we don't want to tarnish the already bad reputation pit bulls have. We need to look at the pit bull's markings, and come up with a breed to throw under the bus. Black and white pit bull? Dalmatian mix! Brown, black, and white pit bull? Boxer mix! Chocolate pit bull? Lab mix! Brindle pit bull? Hmm, that's a toughie. Greyhound mix!

Show us a picture so we can identify the breed!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Anonymous 6:26pm - 4 news articles here and I don't see the word MUTT yet...still looking though. Why red for the word pit bull? Because I want to put it in red. Blood is red and when pits chomp and crush tissue and break bones and leave their teeth in the legs and arms of children that then have to be amputated...there is lots and lots of red.

Da Ninja said...

Of COURSE it was Pit Bulls.

Severe arm injuries in the main; either one chomping away at both arms defending, or one Pit at each arm.

'Pit type features'- I'll bet they do.

Fire department is unlikely to have got the breed wrong; they must encounter these freaking things all the time. Just think of all those 'hero Pitties' who raise the alarm for house fires....

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...
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Anonymous said...

This just in, they were not pit bulls, but rabid squirrels. Yes, you can believe it.

ANON 6:26, Keep fighting the good fight for pit bull fighting dogs! Please blame any other breed, because, you know, we know, I know, that pit bulls have never been known to do such a thing as to attack their owner for no good reason. It's usually Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that have put more people in graves and hospitals than any other breed ever, combined, in the history of all canines and homo sapiens.


Anonymous said...

The victim made a FundMe page earlier this year.

She was no drug dealer or dog fighter. She loved pit bulls and wanted to help them, yet her dog still tried to kill her.

Farmer Jane said...

Decatur, AL,
I have to add that you put ALL of the attacking dog breeds in red. It just happens that pits attack the most. Looking at the pictures, anyone would have to admit that they were pits.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:33,

Pit bulls are equal opportunity maulers. They don't care if you love them or hate them, they will do what they love to do.