Saturday, December 10, 2016


These three dogs killed my dogs. Brutally killed one of them inside my house. All three pitbulls were in my house when my son came home from school and walked in on them. They had come through the neighbors fence and through our doggy door. 
Once chased him back out of the house.... He saw bear bleeding and they had him surrounded. Will called my son in law Michael to help. The dogs were still inside the house. They had to lock one in a bedroom to try and get ahold of bear to help him. He called me and I was about 5 mins from the house. I walked in and the dogs were still in my back yard. One of them was let out the front door because he was being so aggressive. Scuffy was blind and at least 11 yrs plus and Gizzy was a little senior dog too. There is no way that these two pushed into their fence. And the fact is they were in my house! Bear was rushed to the vet where he passed. He was mauled to death. Scruffy was not recognizable, her face was gone. Gizzy appeared to be killed quickly. You cannot own dogs like this and be irresponsible. They knew the dogs could jump the fence, they had electric wire around the top. With the breed a wood picket fence is not enough

A shocking pit bull attack inside a Sherwood home leaves three dogs dead and animal control looking for answers.
According to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, the animals died after they were viciously attacked inside of a home.
Police say TWO PIT BULLS AND A ??GERMAN SHEPHERD??  broke into the home through a doggy door, that's when they went after the three other dogs inside.
The homeowner says she, along with her son, came home to the horrific scene on Friday. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office says there was so much blood on the walls, furniture, and floor, that the home looked like a homicide scene.
The homeowner is heartbroken and says the animals that killed her dogs belonged to her next door neighbors. She now wants them to be held accountable.
“All of them are dead. Bear died, he lost too much blood. They said his lungs were punctured and the little one didn’t have any marks on him, so they probably grabbed him and shook him and broke his neck. And scruffy the old dog, she was blind and couldn't see so well, she was mutilated,” said Tamberly McIntire.
Animal control removed one pit bull and the German Shepherd from McIntire’s neighbor’s home. The other pit bull in Friday’s incident is still on the loose.
Animal control plans to keep the animals they removed in order to determine if they are vicious and a threat to the neighborhood.
In the meantime, McIntire’s neighbor’s say they believe the dogs that were attacked originally came into their yard through a broken fence and their animals were trying to defend themselves, but they do offer their condolences to the McIntire family.
The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office says this is the second dog attack in that area in the last two months.


Anonymous said...

Even though all of the dogs were in their own home where they were brutally slaughtered, they came into the pit bulls' yard first. Nutters always have to blame the victims, no matter what! But they do offer their condolences, so long as their precious maulers get to live. If the maulers get dirt napped, then condolences are rescinded.

This sort of mauling happens all of the time. Doggy doors should be used only when you don't have a pit bull living next door. And even then, they are just not a good idea anymore.

Anonymous said...

Fucking lying freaks. "They believe that" translates to "I'll make up anything and tell you it's your fault".

For fuck's sake, even if the neighbors dogs had somehow magically been transported into their yard, there's no fucking excuse these sacks of waste should have behaved like that and slaughtered them that way. Makes as much sense and beating an old lady to death with a shovel if she dared to step on to your property. NORMAL DOGS DO NOT DO THIS. And if you DARE to say it wasn't the pitshits fault, the wigglebutts didn't know any better, than your ADMITTING these dogs are inherently more dangerous than other dogs and their OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTAINING THEM.

These dogs should be killed, their owners should be fined, and restitution should be paid.

Anonymous said...

So, sad and senseless. Pit bulls are just animals and when you get two or more together, their pack mentally kicks in.i have been around pit bulls who appear to be sweet passive dogs but they are animals with powerful jaws and can rip a person or other dog to pieces in seconds. I can only imagine the horror these little dogs went through. People need to stop and realize what a danger these dogs are. Animal Lover and owner of three dogs.

I want a cute purse said...

Pitbulls are such a poisonous breed that infects healthy communities with doggy doors. Their owners are relentless!! They can't just have one! The are an sadly insecure group of people who are fascinated in what's popular ON TV. Do you know anywhere else that people are TRUTHFULLY happy to see a Pitbull living next to them? Nope! just on tv.

Dayna said...

Unreal. Truly, to have to come home to a scene like this, then to have the nutter neighbor give you the 'I'm sorry' ( but not really because your elderly dogs instigated it). Top it off with the local AC which has 2 of the 3 dogs, and needs to do some magic test to determine if the killers really are vicious and a threat to the neighborhood?!?!?! WHAT???? I just am dumbfounded by the idiocy of everyone except the poor owners of the mauled dogs.

Anonymous said...

"Animal control plans to keep the animals they removed in order to determine if they are vicious and a threat to the neighborhood."

Umm...these animals escaped their homes and decided to use their freedom to enter someone's house and kill other dogs that were just minding their own business. They absolutely are a threat.

The owner should also be banned from ever owning dogs again. They've proven they're not responsible enough to own animals.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that third monster ain't a GSD. Maybe a GSD crossed paths with one of the pitbulls in that killer's pedigree many generations ago, but that thing doesn't look any more like a German Shepherd than does my cat.

Anonymous said...

The third dog looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback to me. Another not so great family/neighborhood dog.

But what do I know? The third dog could be a Chihuahua. Until a DNA test is performed, we really don't know do we?

Anonymous said...

Should be able to see a ridge from this angle, and I don't, but nonetheless it ain't a GSD.

Shorter and broader chested than most RBs I've seen, with a head blockier too, though Ridgebacks can be dog aggressive.

Mutt or part/badly bred Ridgeback, I'd go with. Couldn't tell more without seeing more pictures of the dog.

Again, not a GSD. Maybe all animal control officers are extremely nearsighted?