Sunday, January 22, 2017


A family ROTTWEILER attacked and killed a 14-month-old baby in northern France.
Police say the dog, in the family’s courtyard in their Saint-Aubin home in Aisne, jumped on the baby girl and bit her in the head on Thursday morning.
A gendarmes spokesman also told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that another dog, a Russian Jack Russell, joined in during the attack and bit her several times.
“The mother and girl couldn’t do anything,” he said. “The attack was extremely violent. “The dog jumped at the girl who was in the yard of his home with his mother and bit her on the head.”
The girl’s heart had reportedly already stopped, after a cardiac arrest, when rescue workers arrived, and she died on the spot.
The spokesman said the Rottweiler was shot dead by a hunter after running from the scene, and that the local mayor will decide whether the Jack Russell is put down.
Owners in France must have permits for breeds classed as dangerous dogs, which include Staffordshires, Pitbulls, Mastiffs and Tosas.
Those without a permit can be fined up to €750 (£650).
Anyone charged with owning a dog who caused a person’s death can be imprisoned for up to five years and fined €75,000 (£65,000).

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Anonymous said...

It's sad that the girl died. At least they have laws on the books to charge those responsible for owning dangerous breeds. I'd still rather see PREVENTION, than RECOURSE, but I guess it's because I put irreplaceable children ahead of DANGEROUS dog breeds!

Someday, I hope this planet gets it right.