Tuesday, January 3, 2017


A 9 year old girl is permanently scarred after she was attacked by a dog in Athens.  April Gaston says her daughter was attacked last week.  Now, she doesn't know where the dog is. The dog is reportedly a Bullmastiff. 

It's very hard to watch her go through this," April said.
She says her daughter, Laura, was at her father's house when she was bitten. Laura bent down to feed the dog, April says, when it attacked her.  "The dog growled and she said she didn't even have time to raise up. As soon as the dog growled it was on her," April said.
Laura was taken to UT in Knoxville to a plastic surgeon.  While most of it will heal, April says her daughter will have some scarring.  She's also traumatized.
"She is having nightmares, she's very insecure, doesn't want to be in a room alone," April said.
April says when the Athens Police Officer took the report, she was told the dog would be taken by animal control and later euthanized.
April says the dog had just been adopted by Laura's father. 
Monday, she went by Athens Animal Control and found out the dog isn't there.
"She said no, it had gotten out of the kennel and over the fence and had escaped," April said. "They were not able to find it and had received no calls about the dog."
Now, April worries what happened to Laura could happen to someone else.
"My concern is that there's a dog essentially on the loose that has the potential to do great harm," April said.

We reached out to Athens Animal Control and have not heard back.  Depend on us to keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Bullmastiffs are large dogs, and unless the fence was 2 feet tall (and you'd hope that animal control wouldn't keep a vicious dog behind a short fence) I doubt it was jumping over it.

Either Athens Animal Control is grossly irresponsible or someone is hiding the dog intentionally.

Anonymous said...

The dog escaped the kennel? More likely, some rescue group is moving it to another location. What a bunch of fools.

Anonymous said...

Dogsbite.org had a good feature a while back contrasting what shelters say about dogs to get them adopted vs the actual internal records. http://blog.dogsbite.org/2016/09/click-bait-web-advertisements-aggressive-shelter-dogs-adoption.html?m=1 Scroll down to Amos he's listed at 102 lbs & 10 years old and still climbed a six foot fence to go on a cat killing spree. I guess it could be possible the mastiff escaped on its own but then again it wouldn't be the first time a dog mysteriously disappeared from the shelter after landing there for attacking either. Scary to think of that animal on the loose.

Anonymous said...

Dad just had to get a macho dog to prove how bad ass he is. Yeah, I'm sure your daughter appreciates your bad choice!