Monday, February 13, 2017


An elderly woman from Queens was killed and her son with special needs was mauled by the dog she was planning to turn in.

The incident happened just after midnight Monday at their home on 27th Street near 38th Avenue in Long Island City.

Louise Herminda, 75, was planning to return the dog, a  MASTIFF, Monday because it was too aggressive and uncontrollable, neighbors said. But she apparently waited too long.

The dog attacked Herminda, causing what police described as trauma to her upper torso area. She was pronounced dead at New York Presbyterian Hospital at around 6 a.m.

Herminda's 39-year-old son, who has autism, was also mauled in the attack. He suffered non-life threatening injuries to his lower-left leg.

Neighbor John Brien said the same dog attacked a neighbor's dog 10 days ago while being walked on a leash. He said the mastiff went after a small terrier and wouldn't let go.

"He just pounced on it and started chewing it like a rag doll," Brien said. "It started ripping it to bits. We tried to jump in, the owner of the white dog got bit on the hand."

Herminda's next-door neighbor, Rosa Ortiz, said that attack was what led Herminda to decide to get rid of the dog.

She said she was the first one to get to the house after the attack, and described the scene as horrifying.

"When I saw her there, it broke my heart," Ortiz said. "She was all bloodied. Her head, her arms. It was really bad. It was a tragedy."

The dog was sedated by NYPD ESU officers and is now in the custody of Animal Care and Control of New York City.

Animal Care and Control said the dog was adopted from them almost 6 years ago when it was about 1-year-old at the time. The dog is currently at ACC's Manhattan Care Center.

Neighbors said the mastiff was one of up to 10 dogs living in the basement of the home.

"When you put a large group of dogs together they have to be watched very carefully to make sure they aren't attacking one another and they really need to be under proper supervision," said Jean Shafiroff, an animal advocate and ambassador with the American Humane Society.
LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens — A 75-year-old Long Island City woman was mauled to death early Monday by her dog, police said.
The woman, identified as Louise Hermida, went into the basement of her 27th Street home and was attacked by the MASTIFF-GREAT DANE MIX, Hermida's neighbor Rosa Lopez said. Hermida phoned one of her sons for help.
The son, who lives in Brooklyn, called Lopez. Lopez said she found Hermida covered with scratch wounds to the stomach. Hermida was still conscious and talking when Lopez arrived.
Emergency officials received a call about the incident shortly after midnight, officials said. They rushed the woman to Weill Cornell Medical Center where she died at about 6 a.m.
The victim's 39-year-old son, who has autism, was bitten in the left leg when he tried to put the dog back into a cage, sources said. He was also taken to a hospital.
Hermida had owned the dog for about four years, Lopez said. She owned several other dogs as well.
John Brian, a construction worker who has been working on the street, said Hermida's dog had attacked a smaller dog two weeks ago. Hermida was planning to put the mastiff mix down on Wednesday.
The dog was adopted from Animal Care Centers almost six years ago and was about 1 year old at the time, an ACC spokeswoman said. He is currently at ACC's Manhattan Care Center.
Mastiffs can weigh up to 220 pounds depending on their breed. It is not clear how large the mastiff - great dane mix was.
Injuries from animals are not one of the 15 leading causes of death nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

2017 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 3  (2 children  -  1 adult)


1)  1-17 LOGAN BRAATZ - 6 - ATLANTA GA - The boy was walking to his school bus stop with other children and some adults when 2 loose Pit Bulls  began attacking them - It was reported that Logan was eviscerated, his friend Syrai Sanders was scalped and another child was injured - Although neighbors came running with sticks, knives and whatever they could find, the attack was deadly and swift and the dogs continued to circle and attempt to attack - The dog owner said his dogs had a fence but "SOMEHOW" got out.

2) 1-17 SKYLAR DEAN JULIUS - 2-MONTHS-OLD - SAN MARCOS TX - The father was caring for the infant girl while the mother was at work - He fell asleep for around 20 minutes and when he woke up the baby had been mauled by the family German Shepherd they had had for over 8 years and it was reported that the dog "had never shown aggression before".

3) - 2-13 LOUISE HERMIDA - 75 - QUEENS NY - The elderly woman was mauled by her large dog that had been adopted almost 6 years ago. The breed is said to be a Mastiff or a Mastiff/Great Dane mix.  Neighbors say as many as 10 dogs lived at the apartment.  Her 39-year-old son, who has autism, attempted to put the dog in its cage and he was bitten on the leg.   

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Anonymous said...

10 dogs? In a basement? Shelters adopt out to hoarders? Elderly hoarders?

I'd love to see a photo of this Mastiff/Great Dane mix. It sounds like a pit bull mix to me.

In one report, the victim was going to return the dog. I think after you've had a dog for 6 years, it's yours. I'm pretty sure.