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transport emmet clinton humane society and IPAC

While playing with a friend's newly adopted dog, 15 month old Lucas was suddenly attacked, with the dog biting off a large portion of Lucas' face.  He was airlifted to the University where he had a 6 hour surgery involving at least 3 surgeons.  A large part of his gum/bone including permanent teeth were ripped out, most of his nose cartilidge was destroyed, and he will have lifelong damage.  He will not have any upper front teeth, will need dental reconstruction to hopefully support false teeth when he is an adult, and have more facial surgies in the future.

Lucas will stay sedated for the coming days and remain in the hospital for weeks to come. Holly and Tyler remain at his side while their other two boys stay with family. They are from Clinton and will need all the help they can get with paying for medical bills, transportation costs, food, and everything else that comes up in emergency situations like this one.
The extent of damage is beyond belief, and the pain associated with it all is unimaginable! Pray, pray, pray! He has a long road of recovery and many surgeries ahead.


Anonymous said...

Gulp, why do we allow pit bulls around our precious children?! The article doesn't say it was a pit bull, but I KNOW it was! That kind of damage has a signature breed written all over it.

Some parts of IOWA are intelligent in that they ban pit bulls. The entire state should take the lead of those towns and ban pit bulls. NO CHILD should have that sort of injury because they encountered a dog at a friend's house! COME ON ALREADY!

A perfectly beautiful child now has life altering injuries and will never be the same.

Pit bulls, SO NOT WORTH IT!
Pit bulls, JUST SAY NO!
Pit bulls, BAN THE BREED!

It's so easy really.

I want a cute purse said...

Poor little baby! I'm sure his family wishes they could take it all back. Let's hope they go forward in speaking up for all the ones who's lives have been shattered by fighting dogs. God bless this sweet boy with healing and peace.

Unknown said...

First off learn your facts about dogs before you cast judgement. Secondly they didn't know the dogs temperament with children. My hear goes out to the family. I have many friends who have Pitts and children and have no issues as do I. Also if you look at the history of the pit they were bred as nanny dogs and if you read the original Peter pan Nana was a pit. So quit being haters.

Ka D said...

What kind of imbecile lets a child this small play with a NEW dog? And what kind of dog was it? has developed a 6-point “dog attack danger scale” to tell you which dogs you and your children should stay away from. The presence of any one factor indicates danger, while two or more indicates a dog that should be avoided at all costs. Here’s what to look out for:

A dog in its own yard, and no master present. In 2012, at least 5 of the 37 fatal dog attacks happened in this manner. (Kenneth M. Phillips, Canine Homicides: July 2006 to the Present, accessed 5/25/2013).
Pit bull, Rottweiler, Akita or Chow. Most fatal dog attacks are by pit bulls. To date in 2013, 13 out of 14 fatalities have been caused by pit bulls. (Colleen Lynn, 2013 Dog Bite Fatalities, accessed 5/25/2013.)
The pack mentality. Three dogs are worse than 2, 4 are worse than 3, etc. Docile dogs often become uncharacteristically violent and vicious when they are in a pack. In 2013, 15 of the 37 canine homicides were caused by two or more dogs. (Kenneth M. Phillips, Canine Homicides: July 2006 to the Present, accessed 5/25/2013).
Chained or tethered. Dogs that are tied up are dangerous. Since 2003, more than 450 Americans—mostly children—have been injured or killed by chained dogs. (PETA, Chained Dog Attack Summaries, accessed 5/25/2013.)
Male. Male dogs are several times more dangerous than female dogs. Unneutered male dogs are the worst. (K.A. Houpt and M.B. Willis, The Genetics of the Dog (2001), pp. 393-394.)
Newness. A new dog in the house is dangerous for the first 60 days, and a person who is new to a household where a dog resides is in danger of attack for the first 60 days. In 2012, roughly one-third of all dog bite fatality victims were either visiting or living temporarily with the dog's owner when the attack occurred, and 75% of deaths under these circumstances were children ages 8-years and younger.

Barbara Riess said...

Was that the result of a Pit Bull attack ? The article does not mention breed ... but what other kind of dog could do such damage ?

Barbara Riess said...

Is this the result of a Pit Bull Attack ? How absolutely horrible for these parents
And the "friends " ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, "Unknown"

I will quit being a hater because I LOVE SEEING CHILDREN WITH RIPPED UP FACES!

I will quit being a hater because PIT BULLS ARE NANNY DOGS

I will quit being a hater when IDIOTS like you STOP spewing LIES! I really don't care that you and your ilk have no problems with your pit bulls. How dare you come to a web site that is filled with fatal and disfiguring attacks from pit bulls, and tell us to stop hating! ARE YOU BLIND? DELUSIONAL? STUPID? Please, explain to me how you can look at this child's face, and tell us that we need to learn facts about "dogs" before we cast judgement. I check this site daily, and I learn all I need to about pit bulls and their dangerous tendencies, and owners.

Why would anyone say something like, "they didn't know the temperament of the dog with children"? It's far easier to keep children away from pit bulls, and then no one has to learn their lesson the hard way. Thousands of children have these sorts of injuries from pit bulls. This is not a dog bite, this is a mauling. If you want to play this game with your children's faces and lives, you go right ahead. But for the rest of us, we will err on the side of caution, and common sense. Oh, and I forgot, hate. Yes, I'm a hater of pit bulls that do this to children. I hate that we allow this to continue. I hate that we don't have breed specific legislation to keep everyone safe. I hate that we allow pit bull advocates to brag about their "safe" pit bulls, and that deems the rest of the breed worthy as pets and nanny dogs. If every dog breed did this, no one would want a dog as a pet. Yes, your breed sucks, and I will continue to hate pit bulls. Deal with it.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I got me some nutters as in "Unknown 1:43am" who still thinks that a big ole ugly dog bred to be a fighting dog for hundreds of years could ever possibly be a nanny....even brought out the Peter Pan Nana myth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Unknown said very little but the usual nutter drivel. The poor little pit bull had never been tested around a child before, so maul its face? That is what I'd expect from a fighting dog, not a nanny dog.

I read the comments on the Clinton Herald article,

"Claire_Talltree 5 hours ago
All breeds of dogs can bite. No baby should be left alone with a dog, IMHO. "

Who said the baby was left alone with the pit bull? Also, what use is a nanny dog, if you can't leave them unattended with children?

Nutters are all sorts of crazy, never make any sense, and try to bring light to tragedies that don't need clarification. It is quite clear that pit bulls are dangerous.

Pit bulls are fighting dogs, dog aggressive, useless, ugly, dangerous, and completely replaceable with the several hundred other dog breeds out there. We can live without this putrid breed. Less children disfigured and or killed is a worthy cause in my book.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Now I have a comment telling me that it was a boxer. But I can't tell if it is a nutter trying to give me fake news or someone who really knows. As I have stated before, I've known 3 boxers in my life and all 3 were mean and scary as hell and attacked other dogs. And this mauling could have been done by a boxer and if it was, so be it...everybody will report that it was a boxer including me. But we all know that there is nothing quite like the bite of a pit bull and I have seen 2 comments that this baby was attacked by a pit bull or a pit bull mix. These psychopaths keep sending me comments saying that I should be focusing on the victim and it doesn't matter what breed the dog is. They can't see that this blog is all about the victims which are attacked over 80% of the time by pit bulls and all their cousins. You shallow members of the pit bull occult...I have great grandchildren and I have no more time for your drama. Be done with you!!!

Kristy said...

That is not true, they were never bred as nanny dogs. That is a dangerous myth. "At no point in history were pit bulls ever “nanny dogs”. There has not been any proof ever given to make this myth a reality. The pit bull advocacy group “BADRAP” (Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) recently admitted that pit bulls were never nanny dogs and that this myth was dangerous to children. The retraction of the “nanny dog myth” has been highly publicized. Despite the retraction, the myth has lived on and pit bull advocates still repeat it regularly"

Anonymous said...

The parents and the dog are not at fault. I was the same age when I was attacked by a dog. May 31, 1982, Fort Collins, Co. It was not a pit bull but a sheep herding dog. As I read the article about what happened. I had the same injuries and my pictures look like Lucas'. My right eye was ripped out of the socket, I have long lasting injuries and continue to have surgeries to this day and I am 36 years old. I do NOT blame my parents. I do NOT blame the dog. I am not afraid of dogs. I do not remember the accident what so ever. This is accident is going to pull the family together and will make this baby boy stronger like it did me. Putting blame on the parents or anyone is not going to help Lucas or the family. Lucas will pull through this just like I did. I have permanent scars and reminders of what happened. The details i know are from what I was told. I have the most amazing husband and life. Just like Lucas will.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous 8:57pm. This is a very positive message for these young parents. If a sheep herding dog mauls anyone in the present time, it will be written about and the breed will be identified if possible. However, what's missing in your story is the present-day danger of so many pit bull type dogs in shelters, free adoptions and no record of where they came from, and the unchecked backyard pit breeding. It is an epidemic. If you are one of the lucky ones that hasn't been touched by it, you are indeed fortunate. I don't have the words for this cultural phenomenon. I had been untouched by the pit bull occult until Sept. 2009 when it moved in next door to me - 4 pits and the drugs, guns, crime and constant noise that came with it. It was as if the world had given these people permission to do anything they wished to good law abiding elderly people. Somebody gave permission for this dog to be near a small toddler and take his face off. How many adults were present and who made all those responsible people think that this would ever happen? Somebody needs to take a closer look and stop the madness because this is happening way too often now....a lot more often now than back in 1982. Animal Control, Rescue Groups, Breeders, Pet Supply Stores - Is one the blame or do they all share in it? Anybody that says not to make this about breed is not living in the real world today. I'm glad you lived through the attack and are well now with a happy life. Go to and read about the children that live without a scalp or have their esophagus and tongue bitten out or their arms pulled right off their bodies, a leg shredded or their arteries severed - 9 times out of 10 - by a pit bull type dog. Lately they're mixed with mastiffs and the wounds get deeper and larger.Lucas will not be the last will happen again several times before the next week is through!!!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Due to the hard work of others, we now have our answer:

Anonymous said...

I commend you for speaking the truth. The bad thing with pits is you can never trust them, one minute they are fine, the next they twist off. They were bred for a purpose, and true to form it is to kill or hurt. Most of their breeding is random, and is made worse by certain stereotypes of people who own and breed them.Not everyone who breeds them is that way, but alot of them. I know several breeders who tried to selectively breed them, because they hate for any dog breed to have a bad name. Every single person does not own a single pit anymore. Every single one says the same thing you cannot trust them.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...


Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...


Anonymous said...

I hope the family or friends and relatives tell Everyone they know of this horrible incident. I do believe the breed should be wiped off the face of the Earth. Why keep them?? Seems they do more harm than good; countless hours of pain and suffering for the victim, the emotional turmoil for the family and friends. This has been bothering me for days because this happened to an Innocent child, I hope to be able to help the family in any way I can, by prayer, making them meals, and by making this known to anyone who hasn't heard of it. We need to get rid of the breed. For sure. No argument is persuasive enough to change my mind. God gave us dominion over animals. We have brains. Let your congress people know of your feelings. MBH

Anonymous said...

I know people who do the dog transport rescue. Most of the past dogs have been puppies, often pit bulls on their way to Colorado. The most recent was a bulky adult pit bull, owner surrender and aggressive. Pulled from the public shelter just before being euthanized. It spent a few days in their home, separated from their own dogs because of the aggression and then they drove it to a pit bull rescue. I don't understand. They think it's so rewarding to save the dogs, no thought to collateral damage down the road. They'll never see that. I have a relative who went into a shelter to adopt a small dog she saw on their website which somehow wasn't ready but this sad-sack pit bull was and she ended up leaving with it. Dog had been sent back from multiple homes for biting, has now bitten my relative, her husband, their other dog & two neighbors. They can't even walk her. Shelters need to have some empathy for the humans their rescues will encounter. Ultimately stuff like this is ruining the reputation of shelter dogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, from the very first post, I knew it was a pit bull. I must be psychic.

I was bitten in the face by a standard poodle when I was a child. Yes, I had to go to the emergency room to get some stitches on my lip. Yes, I have scars. No, I'm not afraid of dogs either. However, I did not have part of my jaw and my teeth ripped out of my face. I did not have extensive stitches across my face. I did not have a chunk of my cheek removed.

There is a difference from the average dog bite, and a pit bull "bite". I would like to never see another child go through this traumatic injury, even if it means eradicating pit bulls. I'm not talking killing pit bulls by the thousands, but breed specific legislation, grandfathering in current pit bulls, then banning future pit bulls from our communities.

Pit bull advocates abhor the thought of losing their precious pit bulls, however, they made the choice of bringing home a known dangerous breed. Pit bulls kill other dogs daily, and those owners did not want to lose their companion animals. Why is it okay for that to continue, not to mention the toll on human victims?

It's time that the small, rabid group of pit bull advocates accept that everyone else prefers not having to deal with pit bulls, and all of the carnage that comes with them.

I want a cute purse said...

You nailed it! Proud hater of nasty pits. I'd rather look at my children's unscarred faces and see them grow up than be silent for all these pit loving fools. Keep your nasty fighting dogs the hell away from me or I'll shoot them dead!

I want a cute purse said...

See and I just can't take it when someone says " Oh, he'll be alright! He'll be stronger for it", "It happened to me and I have a happy life". For me that is a slap in the face for the victims here. I know I'll never be the same after reading this story and countless others. I still have nightmares from my own experience and it's been 3 years. This child doesn't deserve this, nor anyone victimized by a dog that shouldn't be a pet in the first place. If it were a sheepdog issue we'd see far less mauling/fatal cases. Back in my day if your neighbor's dog bit someone it was a bad dog and was put down immediately NOT rehomed/renamed or given another chance to do harm. Back in my day pits weren't given a pass via the media.
I keep thinking of this family and I'm so heart sick for what they went through.... I can't stand when my kids fall down and scrape knees and elbows. But to watch as a Pitbull grabs your precious baby by the face and the damage is done before you can intervene. I'm not sure I could live that down. I mean have any of these clowns ever witnessed the raw fight... sounds, cries, speed, force of a Pitbull attack? They don't treat babies with any more mercy than the bear or bull they were bred to take down. Absolutely horrific!!!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I posted this pit attack on the 17th and I had my usual 2 or 3 comments until Saturday afternoon the 18th. All at once there were dozens of comments from nutters coming in and I knew something was up. I kept searching until finally I clicked on and the truth was out and the PIT HAGS were doing damage control. I believe in evil spirits. I never believed in them before but I believe in something like "EVIL" energy now: Infiltration of people's minds and murking up their ability to see what is right and what is wrong. For example...take comment by Anonymous 8:57PM...She says she was attacked by a sheep herding dog in 1982 and she can't even remember it now and she is happy and everything will be O.K. and Lucas will be just fine...NO FOWL..NO HARM..NOT THE PARENTS FAULT..NOT THE PIT'S FAULT..NOBODY'S FAULT...AN ACCIDENT...EVERYBODY JUST FORGET ABOUT THIS NOW AND MOVE ON. No, not me, my mind will not be moving on from this. This evil, evil spirit thinks I believe anything "IT" says. NOT ME!!! I challenge this evil "IT" to post a picture of the injury from the sheepdog and tell us how many teeth the dog bit out? False teeth or implants? How did you manage that? HOW MANY YEARS DID IT TAKE TO GET TEETH SO YOU COULD CHEW FOOD? How many days in the ICU? Have you been reading the mother's postings on their gofundme page? The swelling, the medication to keep him from moving. Please compare stitches...How many stitches did you receive compared to this child? On my very 1st post on this blog 8 years ago I wrote about an elderly neighbor who was attacked at 8am in her driveway while taking her peekapoo for a potty break by 2 pit bulls who escaped from a pit breeder about a mile away. 5 years later I talked with her and even though she had a new dog, she was never the same because they ripped her dog to pieces and injured this widow and would have killed her if someone had not seen her from a car on their way to work! I will never forget her grief and the thousands since that first one. You can't sweep this under the carpet. You can't muddy up my mind...PIT HAGS...THAT DOG SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN TRANSPORTED TO IOWA!!! Yes there are many at fault here.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I have just read that the child was in his own home. The person that adopted the pit brought the pit to the child's home to visit.

Anonymous said...

Saving pit bulls' lives, or saving children's lives; we know which side pit bull advocates are on.

Normal people realize that pit bulls pose too great a risk. It's unfortunate that the lunatic nutters have such a hold on the gullible masses. How many more lessons have to be learned before nutters accept reality, and they stop trying to dispute facts?

Decatur Al livin nt to 4 pits,

I appreciate everything you do! You are an important warrior in this fight. You bring to light many of the senseless attacks caused by pit bulls. I look in horror and keep hoping that change will come about sooner rather than later. We all have to live with pit bulls in our neighborhoods. We are all potential victims, and so are our pets.

The thing I find most disturbing in all of this are the pit bull advocates. The things they say about pit bull attacks adds not only insult to injury, but it shows how heartless and callous they are.

Dayna Hamilton said...

Dear Lord. I'm just seeing this article, I don't know how you could look at that sweet baby's face and possibly think a stupid breed of dog is worth it. And as we all know, it's not an anomaly, this sort of horrific mauling happens with regularity all over the world where these dogs are mainstreamed.

Unknown said...

I know the family- the facts are the child was attacked in his home as a friend came to visit with the dog- newly rescued- an hour after the dog had been there with a good temperament and no issues. It's important to note that this dog is a rescue case from Louisiana that was to be euthanized but a group rallied to save him. He was a fighter dog/used in dog fights and so he was delivered with the other 47-48 rescue dogs in the Iowa and Missouri area. The rescue that had thin conveniently changed his breed from "pit bull mix" to "boxer mix" and changed his age. They did not change his name. Long story short the friend rescuing him had the incorrect history and knowledge of the dog. With his temperament he shouldn't have been near kids. The friend likely wouldn't have brought him around if they'd known and surely wouldn't have let him play with the dog. Please be careful of dogs you rescue, histories and breeds. This baby will be scarred forever :(