Monday, March 20, 2017


A Linden woman is in critical condition after she was mauled by two GREAT DANES on Sunday night while jogging in a neighborhood about a mile south of Linden, Cumberland County Animal Control said.
Monica Stephenson, whose age was not available, was jogging on Sunnyfield Lane, which is where she lives, when the dogs attacked her, Animal Control Director Dr. John Lauby said. The attack was reported at 6:35 p.m
The owner, Scott Nesbitt, said Stephenson was familiar with the dogs and had played with them in the past, according to Lauby.
Nesbitt was not available to answer questions on the incident.
The dogs, Nora and Olaf, both about 2 years old, got out of the owner's fenced yard, Lauby said.
Nora was pregnant at the time and set to give birth "any day now," Nesbitt told investigators in an incident report.
Neighbors heard the woman screaming.
One man ran to help and managed to get the dogs off Stephenson.
“She has severe bites to the back of her head, her neck, her face and legs,” Lauby said.
One of the bites on her neck separated a cervical vertebrae from the spine, he said.
Stephenson was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and flown to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. A spokesman there confirmed Monday morning that she Stephenson was in critical condition.
Nesbitt agreed to surrender the dogs, who had received rabies vaccinations. Both were euthanized on Monday and their bodies have been sent to a state lab for rabies testing .
Great Danes are known as gentle, docile and obedient dogs, according to the American Kennel Club website, and not known for aggressive tendencies. Lauby said he doesn't know what prompted the attack.
No charges have been filed against anyone involved in the incident as of Monday evening, Lauby said. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.


Anonymous said...

How interesting that the dogs were familiar with the victim. It's refreshing that the owner requested that the attacking Great Danes be euthanized. It doesn't make me feel any better that the owner has 4 children. How is that an indication that the animals are safe?

Good riddance to the dogs, and speedy recovery to the victim.

Dayna said...

It's true any dog can get loose. My greyhound has bolted past me and escaped when she heard fireworks. I agree Anon @ 9:43, it is highly unusual that an owner of attacking dogs has taken full responsibility in the results of their dogs getting loose. Especially as the female was pregnant! You'd never see a pit owner doing this.

One who knows said...

It was the woman's husband who saw the dogs chewing, on what he thought was a bag of garbage only to realize that it was his wife. He jumped on his quad and raced over there. He circled around his wife, managing to get the dogs off of her, got the dogs back in the yard, CLOSED the gate, gave first aid to his wife while calling 911. They did not sever her spine, but did do damage to her vertabra, along with severe neck bites and massive damage to her leg, along with other bites. She is in for a long recovery, plastic surgery, and rehab, along with possible PTSD issues. Some of her children witnessed this and are being counseled. Pray for this family.