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Aiden a  9 year old student at Valliant Elemantary,  Valliant, OK was viciously mauled by a pit bull and is currently in medical induced coma in Dallas Children's Hospitlal.  he and his family need your prayers and support.  He is expected to be in induced coma for at least 2 weeks then more surgery

Ron Okie Morrow
Aiden Poorman a 9 year old student at Valliant Elementary School was viciously mauled by a Pit bull yesterday(2-3-17) and was airlifted to Dallas Children's Hospital. Aiden is currently in ICU after going through 6 hours of surgery last night. He is also a member of Cubscout Pack 332 in Valliant. He is expected to remain in hospital for at least a month. Armor Bearers Motorcycle Ministry and Armor Bearers Ministries of Ft Towson, OK will be doing a benefit ride on March 18 to assist with medical expenses. We are asking 20.00 per rider passengers 10.00 donations will also be accepted in any amount
Ride will go from Armor Bearers Ministries OK (Ft Towson across from Dollar General) into Hugo OK 93 to OK 3 then to Beavers Bend State Park and return to Ft Towson
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Anonymous said...

This poor child! Call me crazy, but I think prevention is better than any amount of prayers and donations. Pit bull advocates think they have it so hard because those of us that want Breed Specific Legislation want to see less children in comas in hospitals. That means pit bull owners will be subject to stringent rules that encompass responsibility of ownership, prevention of attacks, insurance policies, and grandfathering in current pit bulls before a total ban kicks in. It really doesn't matter how many good pit bulls there are, and how unfair it is that pit bulls make themselves a target. Children come first, and their protection is paramount to any breed of dog.

Anonymous said...

Poor kid, hope his surgeries go well. :(

Sorry if this isn't the place for it, but I read a news article recently and it was disturbing how many news outlets are trying to turn a child-mauling dog into a hero.

Basically, a kid’s crazy mom was trying to drown him in a river, he escapes her and flees up the riverbank, and then an unleashed pit bull starts mauling him.

The owners spun it as Buddy was trying to “save” him, apparently by trying to rip off his face.

The bites were so severe he had to be taken to the hospital and undergo surgery. I can’t help but notice a lot of articles leave out that bit about the boy being bitten on the face and needing surgery, probably because it completely contradicts the claim that the dog was being friendly and trying to help.

A petition was created, which stated:

“"Buddy is a member of our family and has grown up around children his whole life and has been the most gentlest dog, he has clearly seen a child in distress and attempted to help."

It seems much more likely, due to the fact that buddy mauled the kid’s face and did not nip at his extremities or clothing, which is how any normal dog would pull someone to safety, that seeing/hearing a child in distress whipped Buddy into a predatory frenzy.

Buddy the child-mangling dog ended up being returned to his owners, who will likely incur no penalty for allowing their off-leash dog to maim a child, and who will likely be allowed to run loose unleashed once again.

It really is unbelievable.

Dayna said...

@Anonymous at 6:06 PM,

It's not inappropriate, thank you for sharing that story, and I agree, that poor child suffered insult to injury... It is insane how people spin things. I'll share a story of a real rescue type of dog, my first dog, years ago was a Newfoundland mix. One time while hiking with my boyfriend, his 7 yr old son and a friend of his son's, we decided to swim in a stream that had a natural slide with a pool at the bottom. The kids were having a great time sliding into the pool and laughing and shrieking. My dog was freaking out though and kept jumping in the water and trying to drag the boys out BY THEIR SWIMMING TRUNKS!!! She never touched their skin with her teeth. THAT is the difference, the stupid pit bull was just doing what they always freaking do. Perhaps the "commotion" is what ultimately saved the boy, but who really knows. The pit wasn't trying to save him.

Anonymous said...

That story of the 9-year-old being drowned by his mother, escaping, and then being attacked by a pit bull is just too much. His younger brother is missing. My heart is heavy reading this horror story.