Tuesday, April 25, 2017


UPDATE:  http://www.cleveland19.com/story/35258037/2-pit-bulls-attack-their-owners-in-cleveland-the-same-day

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A man was seriously injured Tuesday evening after he was attacked by his own dog, police said.
The attack happened around 8 p.m. on Hamm Avenue, between East 49th and East 52nd streets in the city's Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood, Cleveland police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia said. It was not immediately clear why the dog - a PIT BULL - attacked its owner.
The victim was taken to MetroHealth in serious condition, Ciaccia said. His current condition is unknown.
The victim's wife stabbed the dog to try and stop the attack. The injured dog was taken off of the victim's property by the Cleveland police dog warden, Ciaccia said.
This post will be updated if more details about the pit bull attack become available Tuesday night.



Dayna said...

I'm elated to hear it was the adult owner that was the recipient of his pibble's affection!

Anonymous said...

The pit bull attacked because it's a pit bull, duh. When pit bulls are excited or aroused, that's what they do. The pit bull owner should be proud. His pit bull almost licked him to death. His pit bull was really having a good time!

Isn't it something that pit bulls don't have locking jaws, but it takes knives and bullets to get them to stop an attack? How else are we to describe a jaw that does not want to open? Should we call them steel traps? Come to think of it, that is a great description. I just looked at a steel trap, and it looks exactly like a pit bull's mouth. Steel traps can be pried open, so it's not a "locking jaw" so to speak. But we all know once an animal is in a steel trap they cannot escape. And we also know that once a pit bulls' steel trap is activated, it does not want to open. Not until the victim, the pit bull, or both are dead.

It's better the attack happened to the nutter than some innocent victim. I love it when pit bulls attack their owners. Serves them right. I wish all of the attacks happened on the owners. I would hope that would make them think twice, but that's beyond their capability.

Anion said...

You know, it's funny, I often see stories of people of people who gave up their violent pit bulls, and in almost every case it's because the pit bull finally turned on *them.* When it eats other dogs/cats/birds etc., poor wigglebutt is just a sweetie doing what doggies do. When it bit guests in their home or random people on the street or defenseless children, it was "provoked" or "confused" or "thought [victim] was going to attack [owner]" or "[victim] was making noises like prey."

But the day Pibbles turns on them, they get rid of it. They don't give two hoots about anyone else's injuries, pain, or disfigurement. Other people and other people's pets are disposable and unimportant when compared to their precious maneater. It's not until Pibbles actually hurts THEM that they can't keep it around.

(There was one a year or so ago where they finally had the pit euthanized when it attacked the female half of the couple; they'd adopted it to "rehab" it, and it had bitten at least two of their friends already. I bet the friends felt great knowing that their pain and injuries were acceptable to Mr. and Mrs. PibbleSaint, but the pain and injury of Mrs. PibbleSaint was not. That story always sticks with me, too, because they edited it after posting it; originally they'd told the truth, and said Mrs. PibbleSaint was sleeping when Wigglebutt just launched at her and tried to remove her face from her skull, but later they'd changed it to say Wigglebutt was sleeping and Mrs. PibbleSaint "startled" him so he launched at her as he woke up. Wonder why they changed it...hmmm... SMH.)