Wednesday, April 26, 2017


A Cleveland man is in serious condition after he was attacked by his own dog Tuesday night. 
Officers were called about 8 p.m. to a home in the 5100 block of Hamm Avenue after a man was attacked by his pit bull, according to a Cleveland police news release. 
When police arrived on the scene, the wife of the man who was being attacked, Ethel Taylor, had blood splattered across her shirt.
She told police that the dog "attacked my husband and you need to kill that dog."
Taylor said she went to take a bath when she heard dogs barking in front of her house. She followed the noise to discover that her husband, Cedric Gardner, was being attacked by their  PIT BULL.
Gardner told his wife to grab the gun but she couldn't find it.  Taylor went to the kitchen and found the biggest knife she could find and started to stab the dog repeatedly, according to a news release.  Taylor pulled out her taser after stabbing the dog didn't work.
The dog let go of Gardner and retreated to the back of a pickup truck that was parked on the street.
Taylor and Gardner were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center. Gardner suffered a puncture wound above his left nipple and also had bites on his arms and legs. Taylor had bites on her right lower leg and fingers.
Cleveland Animal Control confiscated the dog to be euthanized.
In a separate incident, two men were also attacked by a dog at 8:27 p.m. Tuesday.
The victims were a 79-year-old man and a 30-year-old man.
Cleveland Animal Control responded to 7102 Linwood Avenue and confiscated the dog.
The victims were taken to University Hospitals for treatment.


Anonymous said...

Pit bulls have an undeserved reputation, don't they? They love their owners so much, I cannot understand why their owners would want to kill them? I mean, the highest compliment a pit bull can give their owner is a Darwin Award, and it's just terrible that this pit bull was not allowed to bestow one upon its master.

I completely reject this notion of euthanizing the pit bull. I think it, along with all pit bulls, deserves a second chance. I hope a rescue group swoops in to save the pit bull, rehabs it, and adopts it out to its next furever home.

I also sincerely hope that anyone reading this understands that nutters are the ones that show this much callous when one of their maulers attacks. I personally rejoice when a pit bull attacks its owner. We cannot stop people from making terrible choices, but pit bulls can certainly "educate" their owners on how bad of a choice they made.

"Honey, get the gun."

That should never be a requirement for dog ownership, but it is for pit bull ownership. Pit bull owners better be packing heat for their weaponized dogs. You never know when a pit bull is going to try and fulfill its destiny.

Have fun nutters!

Dayna said...

Ohio is the pit state. They should make the pit bull the state animal and put it on the state flag.