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Dayton Police say 60-year-old Maurice Brown is the man who was mauled. The dog suspected in the attack was shot and killed by police.  The attack happened in an alley in the 300 block of Middle St. around 4:40 a.m. on Tuesday.
Officers went to the scene after a 911 caller reported hearing someone screaming for help and crying. The caller also reported hearing several dogs barking loudly.When officers arrived on the scene, they found Brown with serious injuries. He was taken to Miami Valley Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Police believe Brown was an innocent victim.
According to Police on-scene, the pit bull was able to break free of a chain and attack Brown.
Police began searching for the dog immediately after the attack. Once officers found the dog, they fired shots at the animal, described as a TAN PIT BULL. The dog died a short time later.
2 NEWS Investigates’ Natalie Tendall has confirmed the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has been called to this same address in the past. We are working to learn more about the owner of the dog involved in Tuesday’s incident.
Stay with WDTN.com and 2 NEWS for the latest information as we learn it.
By DAN SEWELL, Associated Press
CINCINNATI (AP) — A  PIT BULL  apparently broke away from a chain and mauled a man to death early Tuesday as he screamed for help, Dayton police said.
Police in the southwest Ohio city responded to a report of a man yelling, "Jesus, help me, help me!" at around 4:40 a.m. The 911 caller said the man was yelling at "the top of his lungs" amid the sounds of dogs barking loudly. He said the man was also crying.
Lt. Mark Ponichtera said police found the man being attacked in an alley. They were able to get the dog to back off, and the man was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Police fatally shot the dog, which they say was a pit bull."There was no way to safely confine the dog," police Lt. Andrew Booher said. Three other dogs were turned over to county animal resource officials.
Booher said in an afternoon press briefing in Dayton that authorities believe all four dogs came from the same residence. He said the owner of that residence was in a nursing home, and police were trying to determine who lived there now and who had responsibility for the dogs. They could face charges.
"We're trying to make contact with neighbors to see if there's any history of problems with these dogs," Booher said.
Police said the man killed was middle-aged and didn't live in the neighborhood where he was attacked. They were trying to contact relatives before releasing his name.
Dayton had two high-profile dog mauling deaths in 2014 — one of a 7-month-old boy, the other of a 57-year-old woman.

2017 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 8  (4 children - 4 adults)


OK - 1

1)  1-17 LOGAN BRAATZ - 6 - ATLANTA GA - The boy was walking to his school bus stop with other children and some adults when 2 loose pit bull dogs began attacking them - It was reported that Logan was eviscerated, his friend Syrai Sanders was scalped and another child was injured - Although neighbors came running with sticks, knives and whatever they could find, the attack was deadly and swift and the dogs continued to circle and attempt to attack - The dog owner said his dogs had a fence but "SOMEHOW" got out.

2) 1-17 SKYLAR DEAN JULIUS - 2-MONTHS-OLD - SAN MARCOS TX - The father was caring for the infant girl while the mother was at work - He fell asleep for around 20 minutes and when he woke up the baby had been mauled by the family German Shepherd they had had for over 8 years and it was reported that the dog "had never shown aggression before".

3) 2-13 LOUISE HERMIDA - 75 - QUEENS NY - The elderly woman was mauled by her large dog that had been adopted almost 6 years ago. The breed is said to be a Mastiff or a Mastiff/Great Dane mix.  Neighbors say as many as 10 dogs lived at the apartment.  Her 39-year-old son, who has autism, attempted to put the dog in its cage and he was bitten on the leg. 

4) 2-16 UNIDENTIFIED 5-YEAR-OLD BOY - CLARKSVILLE TN - Emergency personnel were called at 8:20am on a Thursday morning to a report that the Family's two English Mastiffs reported to be about 6-months-old had mauled the child. The boy died from extensive injuries.

5) 2-28 VALENTIN HERRERA - 76 -  LINCOLN HEIGHTS CA - He was mauled by 2 pit bulls on February 2 while walking his small dog Dodger - Dodger was killed - He was knocked down during the attack and could have further received head injuries .......

6) 3-23 JASE PATRICK FOHS -  8-MONTHS - LUSBY CALVERT COUNTY MD - The family pit bull latched on to the child and was still attacking when officers arrived only minutes after the call - An officer had to shoot the dog to stop its mauling but the baby died.

7) 4-6  CECILLE SHORT - 82 -  AND HER LITTLE DOG - OKLAHOMA CITY OK - Cecille was taking her pet dog for a walk when they were attacked by 2 large pit bulls - A passerby in a car saw the attack and called 911 - Police arrived and shot one and hit the other with their vehicle because they could not get out of their vehicle but it was too late for the victims!!!  Witnesses describe the elderly woman as being almost decapitated.

8) 4-26  MAURICE BROWN - 60 - DAYTON OH - Neighbor's heard screaming and crying for help after 4am and dogs barking and began calling 911 - Police arrived and had to shoot a pit bull that apparently broke free from a chain in a backyard and attacked the man - 4 dogs were taken from the property.


3-18 JOHN BRUNO - 5 - WARRINGTON TWP PA - John was playing in the snow on Wednesday, March 15, when his family looked out and saw him down on the ground with the family dog tugging at his scarf around his neck - He was unresponsive and first responders gave him CPR and he was rushed to a hospital - He died on Saturday, March 18 - Investigators report that he suffered ligature strangulation from the  HOUND MIX  pulling on his scarf.

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Thank you Chris Turner, for that load of crap. It's not the breed, it's the owner. You've never had a problem with your pit bulls? Oh, that's lovely. This man just lost his life, and you want to make sure we know it has nothing to do with pit bulls.

Why are you squatting by your pit bull
Chris Turner? Why can't you stand like a normal human being? You're upset because the "dogs" get a bad reputation? A MAN JUST LOST HIS LIFE BECAUSE OF A PIT BULL.

Thank you for coming out to speak to reporters to confirm everything we need to know about pit bull owners. They are heartless, self-absorbed, delusional, and psychotic. To worry about a lethal dog breed, but not give two shits about the dead victim, shows what kind of people we're dealing with.

To parade a pit bull around to show off what wonderful pets they are, then have to squat down on the pit bull's level, to what? Keep it from attacking the reporter? Make sure it doesn't overpower you? We can all see how dangerous your pit bull is, and how hard you are trying to maintain control. Give it up Chris Turner, you are an idiot nutter and hopefully your pit bull will show you what's what.

Breed Specific Legislation Ohio, you've been duped by the pit bull lobby.