Monday, April 17, 2017


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A 53-year-old Foley woman suffered lacerations to her stomach after being attacked by a dog just before 5 Mon., April 17.
According to the Foley Police Department, the victim was flown to a trauma center. 
Milton Weeks, the victim's husband, says he raised the pit bull named Bosco, since he was a 6 month-old-puppy and he had been a loyal watchdog for the family.
He says he and his wife were arguing. According to Weeks, the dog attacked her when she threw an ashtray.
“The dog was tearing at her stomach and I hit him across the head and he jumped at me," Weeks said. "He tried to attack her some more and I kept beating him with a heater.”
Weeks willingly agreed to have the dog euthanized.
“My whole family loved the dog, but I love my wife more than anything in this world, and he has done something I never expected him to do," Weeks said. “I thought he’d be the best thing I ever had, but he ain’t. He’s the worst nightmare I ever had now.”

Foley PD says the dog will be quarantined and checked for rabies before he is euthanized.


FOLEY, AL (WKRG) — A Foley woman was critically injured Monday afternoon in an attack by her PIT BULL.
The 5-year-old pit bull attacked the woman in an altercation with the dog. News 5 is told 


She has been flown to USA Medical Center in Mobile for treatment.
As seen on the WKRG Facebook page on live video, the dog was removed in a cage by specialists who euthanized it inside the home.  We’re told the pit bull was difficult to calm down after the dispute occurred.
The dog will eventually be euthanized at the owners’ request.
News 5 has learned this is not the first time the dog has attacked someone. A neighbor’s kid was bitten not too long ago.
“He’s a real good dog,” said a resident, who was discussing the attack on the neighbor’s child. “But when it gets to biting, that’s when you have to start talking about getting rid of the dog.”
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Anonymous said...

Let's all remember this kids. It's a good dog until it gets to biting.

I've been to Foley, Alabama. It's a lovely town. Too bad it's infested with nutters (everywhere is really) but it's great that the owner got a taste of what her dog is capable of. I have a dog, and I'm pretty sure I don't need to worry about my intestines. My dog is not a pit bull because I didn't drink the nanny koolaid.

Anonymous said...

There is a comment on one of the news stories that implies this lady deserved to be disemboweled by her own pet because she was arguing with her husband and threw an ashtray during the argument. Wow. How many people argue with their spouses and don't end up nearly eviscerated by the family pet?

It just doesn't pass the smell test that every pit bull attack has a reason behind it other than the dog's temperament. Every pit bull that attacks has been abused and/or had a bad owner. Following this line of reasoning then, has every dog that doesn't attack been specifically taught not to? I confess I have never taught my dogs not to attack and kill. My husband and I have argued in front of them, have even put two of them in sweaters and yet no maulings.

Alternative explanation: the dog wasn't protecting the husband; it was excited and launched an attack on the weaker member of the household.

Dayna said...

“He’s a real good dog,” said a resident, who was discussing the attack on the neighbor’s child.

Omg! I actually laughed when I read this! How fucking ignorant do you have to be to make a statement like this one? Or, how emotionally invested in the pit breed do you have to be?! Wow.