Sunday, April 16, 2017


A woman told WAAY 31 her dog was attacked and killed just ten minutes after another neighborhood dog was killed by what the woman says was the same PIT BULL.
The first victim, Margaret and Jerry Keel, said their poodle was dragged by the larger dog and dropped in the vacant field off of Harvest Ridge road in Harvest. While other victim, Angela Thornberry,   said her dog was attacked further down that same road.
"He would look after me wherever I was at," said Margaret Keel, whose dog was killed in Wednesday afternoon's attack.
Margaret Keel is mourning the loss of her dog, Patches. 
"I feel very sad, I didn't sleep any the night before last," Margaret said.
Margaret told WAAY 31 her dog was one of two killed by another neighborhood dog. And her son, Jerry, said he saw it all happen. 
"[Patches] never whimpered, so I'm sure he crushed him immediately," Jerry said.
Jerry then said the unthinkable happened. While he was on the phone with 911 about his mom's dog, Patches -- he said he heard another woman screaming for help about her dog. That woman he later learned was neighbor Angela Thornberry -- Thornberry's Yorkshire Terrier, Bean,  was also attacked and killed by the same dog.
Thornberry says she still can't believe her pet is gone. 
"All he wanted to do was play," Thornberry explained.
Thornberry said she then called Madison County animal control and the Madison County Sheriff. Jerry and Thornberry said the sheriff told them they could only give the owners of the offender dog a fine for having their dog off leash.
WAAY 31 tried knocking on the door of the person who Jerry and Thornberry said owns the dog responsible for the attack. However, both times no one was home.
We also tried reaching out to Madison County animal control but were unable to get a response, so WAAY 31 looked into how authorities respond to dog on dog violence.
But the the laws listed on Madison County's website only addressed aggressive behavior towards humans - not other dogs. And thornberry says,  that's not enough.
Now both Thornberry and Margaret are left missing their dogs. Margaret even wrote a poem for her special pup. 
"I love my little white poodle, and he loves me," Margaret said.

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Anonymous said...

Dog fighting is a felony, yet pit bulls killing harmless lap dogs is perfectly legal. Why? Because most laws do not recognize dog on dog aggression. It's like pit bulls are not vicious, unless...

They attack humans more than once, with the first attack being well documented, and the pit bull has to be declared vicious through the courts.

If we were to label pit bulls as an inherently vicious breed, and ONE attack on a human or another pet, and it is lights out for nanny dog, would be a huge step in the right direction.

Pit bull advocates don't want to risk losing their pit bulls to such legislation, yet Margaret and Jerry Keel, and Angela Thornberry have actually lost their pets, and nothing is being done.

Pit bulls are a very risky breed, and it's time that the owners that choose to take that risk pay for the damage that they cause. It's no secret that pit bulls are a fighting breed. Pit bull advocates like the way things are because they get to keep their dangerous breed under very loose regulations. They get to keep their maulers, even after its killed _________insert victim here_________.

It's time for a change. I keep wondering when that'll happen?