Saturday, May 6, 2017


Egle, who is believed to breed Boerboels, was found unconscious with what appeared to be animal bites, police saidMoyo was bred by Egle in 2016 but it's unclear if he was the dog that attacked her


Additional victims

Deaths involving non-dog bite injury, minor dog bite injury or cases that lacked a "reasonably clear" determination of death due to dog bite injury are not included in statistical fatality data. Victims falling into the latter category may be added to our data at a future time.


Jane Egle, 59, was found dead by Buncombe County deputies who responded to a 911 call shortly after 5pm about an aggressive dog.  Authorities say the dog, a BOERBOEL - ALSO KNOWN AS THE SOUTH AFRICAN MASTIFF -  would not let rescue workers inside the home located near Bent Creek Forest.

Egle, who was believed to have bred Boerboels, was found unconscious with what appeared to be animal bites, police said.  Deputies told the Citizen-Times that the Boerboel was killed after it wouldn't let anyone inside. 

"After multiple attempts, the dog was finally immobilized and subdued, and deputies were able to remove the dog from the residence," Natalie Bailey, the Sheriff's Office spokeswoman told the Citizen-Times. 

Investigators said they spoke with a relative at the residence and learned the dog had a history of aggressive behavior.  As of Friday, investigators said Egle's exact cause of death had not been determined. 

Egle's Facebook and Instagram page shows several photos of Boerboel puppies and adults, whom she called her 'beloved' animals.  In some of the photos, Egle's three children are petting and playing with the dogs.  She also had a website that was developed in 2016 to advertise a litter of Boerboel puppies. 

The county's Animal Services Division said seven other dogs were found at the residence and taken to the Asheville Humane Society after the incident.  Six dogs were Boerboels and one dog was a Great Pyrenees.

Meredith Riddick, communications manager for the humane society, told the Citizen-Times that two behavior analysts evaluated the Boerboels and determined they cannot be released to the community. The dogs are set to be euthanized, but as of Friday the society hadn't set a date. 

"They are dangerous and we don't want to put our staff at risk, so we are still determining the best way to do that," she said. 

Riddick said the Great Pyrenees will not be euthanized and is not a threat to the public. . Authorities said the investigation into Egle's death is ongoing. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says Boerboels were developed as a farm dog in South Africa. These dogs were recognized by the AKC in 2015 are commonly bred for guarding homes.  The AKC noted that the Boerboel is one of the most powerful dog breeds.  Boerboels are large, strong, muscular and confident animals.

2017 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 10  (4 children - 6 adults)


OK - 1

1)  1-17 LOGAN BRAATZ - 6 - ATLANTA GA - The boy was walking to his school bus stop with other children and some adults when 2 loose pit bull dogs began attacking them - It was reported that Logan was eviscerated, his friend Syrai Sanders was scalped and another child was injured - Although neighbors came running with sticks, knives and whatever they could find, the attack was deadly and swift and the dogs continued to circle and attempt to attack - The dog owner said his dogs had a fence but "SOMEHOW" got out.

2) 1-17 SKYLAR DEAN JULIUS - 2-MONTHS-OLD - SAN MARCOS TX - The father was caring for the infant girl while the mother was at work - He fell asleep for around 20 minutes and when he woke up the baby had been mauled by the family German Shepherd they had had for over 8 years and it was reported that the dog "had never shown aggression before".

3) 2-13 LOUISE HERMIDA - 75 - QUEENS NY - The elderly woman was mauled by her large dog that had been adopted almost 6 years ago. The breed is said to be a Mastiff or a Mastiff/Great Dane mix.  Neighbors say as many as 10 dogs lived at the apartment.  Her 39-year-old son, who has autism, attempted to put the dog in its cage and he was bitten on the leg. 

4) 2-16 UNIDENTIFIED 5-YEAR-OLD BOY - CLARKSVILLE TN - Emergency personnel were called at 8:20am on a Thursday morning to a report that the Family's two English Mastiffs reported to be about 6-months-old had mauled the child. The boy died from extensive injuries.

5) 2-28 VALENTIN HERRERA - 76 -  LINCOLN HEIGHTS CA - He was mauled by 2 pit bulls on February 2 while walking his small dog Dodger - Dodger was killed - He was knocked down during the attack and could have further received head injuries .......

6) 3-23 JASE PATRICK FOHS -  8-MONTHS - LUSBY CALVERT COUNTY MD - The family pit bull latched on to the child and was still attacking when officers arrived only minutes after the call - An officer had to shoot the dog to stop its mauling but the baby died.

7) 4-6  CECILLE SHORT - 82 -  AND HER LITTLE DOG - OKLAHOMA CITY OK - Cecille was taking her pet dog for a walk when they were attacked by 2 large pit bulls - A passerby in a car saw the attack and called 911 - Police arrived and shot one and hit the other with their vehicle because they could not get out of their vehicle but it was too late for the victims!!!  Witnesses describe the elderly woman as being almost decapitated.

8) 4-26  MAURICE BROWN - 60 - DAYTON OH - Neighbor's heard screaming and crying for help after 4am and dogs barking and began calling 911 - Police arrived and had to shoot a pit bull that apparently broke free from a chain in a backyard and attacked the man - 4 dogs were taken from the property.

9) 4-27 LISA GREEN - 32 - UPPER MACUNGIE TOWNSHIP PA - Neighbors heard the woman being attacked by her 3 1/2-year-old male pit bull/boxer mix on the rear deck of her home - They offered the dog ham and it didn't stop the attack - They hit it with a stick and it crunched the stick - Then an off-duty police chief  who lived nearby was called and he shot the dog in its leg and that finally stopped the attack but the woman had suffered great blood loss and was pronounced dead at the hospital - It was reported that she had had the dog for 2 1/2 years - Neighbors reported that the dog was biting on her neck. 

10) 5-1  JANE MARIE EGLE - 59- ASHEVILLE BUNCOMBE CO NC - A call was made to 911 about an aggressive dog and when deputies arrived they found Jane Egle unconscious and appeared to have animal bites - the aggressive dog would not let anyone inside the home - They finally subdued the animal and it was reported it died - Seven dogs were taken from the home - 6 Boerboels and 1 Great Pyrenees - According to a relative, her Facebook and Instagram she bred these very large aggressive dogs for sale - Behavior analysts evaluated the dogs and recommended they be put down due to their aggressiveness - But the Great Pyrenees will not be put down and it was determined it was not a threat to society.   


3-18 JOHN BRUNO - 5 - WARRINGTON TWP PA - John was playing in the snow on Wednesday, March 15, when his family looked out and saw him down on the ground with the family dog tugging at his scarf around his neck - He was unresponsive and first responders gave him CPR and he was rushed to a hospital - He died on Saturday, March 18 - Investigators report that he suffered ligature strangulation from the  HOUND MIX  pulling on his scarf.


Anonymous said...

A breeder killed by the dogs she promoted and made money on. Sounds like justice to me.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Another dangerous dog breed I was not aware of. Too bad Ms. Lion Tamer was killed by one of her beloved monsters. Actually, better her than anyone else.

Whatever happened to the crazy cat lady? It seems like more and more older ladies are taking up dangerous dogs instead. What about lap dogs? What is happening to our society? Yappy dogs and multiple cats have fallen out of style.

Dayna said...

Another idiot breeder of large aggressive dogs gone. Glad to hear it was her and not a grandkid or neighbor.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious how we cannot see each other's comments until they've been accepted by DecaturAL, yet we are all on the same page. Glad it was the breeder that got the wrath of the dangerous dog, and not some innocent person.

I love how the champions of dangerous dogs need protection from school children, delivery people, grandmothers, babies, meter readers, solicitors, lawn mowers/gardeners, but they never think that their aggressive, dangerous, vicious, animals will ever turn on them. It never crosses their minds that perhaps they could be a victim, and who is going to save them?

They are that stupid and deserve their Darwin Awards.

Anonymous said...

I checked the comments on the Daily Mail page and guess what? They are saying that they should not have killed the dog because the cause of death has not been determined. It has been well documented that dogs will bite their masters if they have a seizure or heart attack. You know, to lovingly help their master "wake up". Let's totally ignore that the rescuers could not subdue the attacking animal. They must have all been having seizures and heart attacks too.

It's also well documented that people have heart attacks and seizures as a result of a dog mauling. It's perfectly okay for these mentally ill people to say that a person being brutalized and killed by a dog is normal. I really can't handle how some are normalizing death by dangerous dogs. I can think of a million other ways I'd like to die. How many recent deaths in the last couple of weeks? Three, with two of them resulting in death to the owners. No, this is not a problem. You just gotta raise those dangerous dogs right.

Dayna said...

Yep! Agree!