Thursday, May 4, 2017



Kim Porter said she was at a sporting event with her two daughters when she received a text message telling her that her son has been attacked by a  PIT BULL. She rushed to Saint Francis Hospital only to find out he'd almost lost his life.
"My only son could've been gone," Porter said.
Porter said she dropped her son off with a family friend Tuesday night before a baseball game. She said they'd been to the home before but she'd never let her son get too close to the pit bull she described as "vicious."
"You knew that it was dangerous from the way that it would hunker down and growl," she said.
Her son, Daniel, was outside playing when he got a little too close - just within the dog's reach on his chain. The dog attacked, leaving the 7-year-old with serious injuries to his head, face, and throat - part of his scalp was completely detached.
He was rushed to the hospital for a two-hour emergency surgery.
Porter said, "I couldn't see my son like that. I just couldn't see my son like that."
Daniel will be okay, but he wasn't the only one attacked.
When Tulsa County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Lahita responded to the scene the pit bull broke through its chain and attacked him.

"The dog latched onto his hands, broke one of his fingers and put several puncture wounds in his hand," said Casey Roebuck with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.
He fired several shots at the dog, ultimately killing him.
Roebuck said, "Shooting a pet is not something that any deputy wants to do. This is an absolute last resort."
As for Porter, she has a word of advice to other parents.
"If the dog is aggressive, get your baby away from them because my son almost died from a pit bull attack," she said.
The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said the dog was sent for rabies testing.
The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with Daniel's recovery.


Anonymous said...

The KJRH story includes an interview with Misty Bilby of Amore Pit Bull Rescue who offers her insightful comments, “It's obvious that that dog was starved for attention, starved for socialization, you know, it doesn't know how to act, nobody's taught it how to act.” If these dogs come into the world with berserk mauling as a default behavior they need to be "socialized" out of, there is something inherently wrong with the breed.

Anne Landers said...

I live right next to this dog and property. There is a long paper trail on this and another dog at the residence. Everyone associated with the dog and property had been told how vicious it was. It was only a matter of time before this happened. The officer would have been injured much worse had it not been for his size, stature, physical fitness and marksmanship skills. A normal citizen with normal shooting skills would not have been able to protect themselves from this animal. Oklahoma State law allows a farm owner to kill a dog that is chasing or killing their livestock and that's what we were told to do. They refused, citing Oklahoma State law, to impound the dog or charge the owners after it killed our dog and other neighborhood animals and has chased us on our own property when it is loose.

Farmer Jane said...

Even when the dog is known to be aggressive the idiot nutters still insist on hanging on to it. Why the hell have a pet that has to be chained and kept away from people? My animals bring me joy and comfort. There is none to be found where the dog is a killer and kept in isolation. Better for everyone, including the dog, that it was put down.

That poor kid. I can almost hear the nutters blaming him for getting too close to the dog. The kid was not the problem here.

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls, the most rabid breed out there, without the rabies.

What kind of mom would leave her child with a vicious pit bull chained up in the yard? A sporting event is so much more important than the safety of her child. If I could not make safe arrangements for the care of my child, I would cancel my plans. But then again, I'm not the kind of mom that hangs out with scary vicious pit bulls.

Dayna said...

Roebuck said, "Shooting a pet is not something that any deputy wants to do. This is an absolute last resort."

This thing was not a freaking PET! It should have been shot sooner!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Thanks for your comment, Anne Landers, maybe you will get some relief now but at...WHAT A COST!!! Your pet's life and this child's body mutilated. I'll never understand any of this. We put up with the barking noise and the selling of drugs right out of the house next door to us...I couldn't even go in my back yard to clean it up or garden because of the growling and lunging, not to even mention the filth as the dogs feces and urine leach down on us chained up in pens all around - beautiful neighborhood in Decatur Alabama we live in - everybody's concerned about the downtown area...Princess Theater...Historic district...New Art Center Complex...and if you see or suspect drugs...CALL IMMEDIATELY!!! BULLSHIT!!! It went on since Sept 2009 and it was just fall of 2016 that there was finally a "raid" of some kind at 3am one night. There's still huge XXL pits being breed over there! One older female pit that teets hang to the ground all the time and she's the one that whines and barks out all the time. You think I could go to animal control and have them check on the nasty situation? It's been 8 months and the situation will slowly go back to the same and as elderly citizens on Social Security I don't know that we could come up with $4,000+ to go to court again. I am afraid to go between our houses and clean up the weeds and debris. I do not want to end up like this child.

Anonymous said...

Hideous dog it is terrible that so little is done as these dogs maim and kill and destroy the quality of life. I am all for privacy and personal property rights but the rights of the individual should not impede the rights of others -- like the right to not have your dog killed, the right not to be scalped by a dog, the right to enjoy your backyard...

Anonymous said...

Anon, I love how you said it! The right to own a certain dog breed should not violate the rights of everyone else. And that is exactly what is happening!

Unknown said...

As the mother of the child he is doing alot better thank you

Unknown said...

We were gonna shoot the dog but we didn't want to go to jail now I'm pissed we didnt cuz my son almost died due to this freaking dog