Thursday, May 4, 2017


Please share we need information if anyone knows anyone who has a red and white ,brown and white or tan and white pitbull in the Highway 11 Carrere area. These dogs attacked my horse yesterday. They killed our goat on Sunday.
They came in and went into the stall. These dogs are very aggressive around livestock and again have threaten us. Please help us find the owners and dogs. Please notify the Sheriff's department or call 601-569-5809 .Do not have to give you name if you do not want to . Please share and help .


Pearl River County Animal Control Officer, Danny Joe Slade, is actively searching for two loose dogs that reportedly killed a goat and attacked two horses on the west side of Highway 11 in Ozona.  All of the attacks have occurred on the west side of Highway 11 in the Ozona Community on different properties, he said.

The first attack occurred April 27 on a horse in an open pasture that belongs to a Picayune Police officer, Slade said. Due to the horses's ability to move around, the dogs wee unable to do too much damage, and the other horses in the pasture were believed to help defend her.

Sunday the same dogs killed a goat.

Monday they attacked another horse - a thoroughbred weighing 1,300 to 1,400 pounds - that was in its stall, unable to defend itself, Slade said. When the owner heard a commotion, he fired a gun to scare the dogs, but they had already done serious damage to the horse.  As the owner chased the dogs away, they attempted to attack him as well.

Fortunately, camera footage in the stall captured the dogs, Slade said.  He believes the dogs are PIT BULL MIXES, one is red and brindle with a collar, the second is suspected to be tan in color without a collar. 

Slade said he and other officers have been patrolling the area for several days searching for the dogs and are now expanding their efforts.  As of Wednesday morning, the owners of the dogs are still unknown. 

"We've asked a lot of questions, but come up empty handed," he said.  "We are pushing pretty hard to find them." With so many animals and livestock in that area, Slade said capturing the dogs is a high priority.  Because these dogs seem to have formed a pack, he doesn't suspect the attacks are fueled by hunger, nor will they stop on their own. 

Anyone that sees the dogs should not approach them but find a safe place and call the Pearl River County Sheriff's Department at 601-798-5528.

In two unrelated incidents, Slade said he is also investigating the death of another goat on Harry Sones Road that appears to be caused by another PIT BULL.  And a child was also reportedly bitten by a PIT BULL in Hide-A-Way a few days ago.


Farmer Jane said...

Sounds like a job for a sniper...

Anonymous said...

How do nutters explain pit bulls coming onto someone else's property to maim and kill? The pit bulls certainly were not protecting "their" property. The pit bulls were not protecting their demon spawn. I'm trying to think of the other excuses nutters use when a pit bull does what a pit bull does.

The way I see it, the pit bulls are at large, are out killing anything they can sink their teeth into, were not trained to seek out farm animals to kill but come by it naturally, and have the all too common irresponsible owner that thinks it is perfectly okay to allow pit bulls to roam free.

How can anyone know what their pit bull does when they are not supervising? I'm sure the irresponsible pit bull owner has other excuses like, they are friendly and would never hurt a fly, they somehow got out, it wasn't my pit bull, and my favorite, why did you shoot at my pit bull?

Anonymous said...

Of course there will be excuses. The goat provoked the kissing booth pit bull.... or some garbage like that. Goats are generally gentle animals. But a mountain goat did gore a hiker so I would not be surprised if that one incident would be used as an excuse for the pibble apologists who believe that pibbles can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

The owners lie & minimize the damage & offer up far-fetched excuses. Kron a pit bull in Oregon with a limp escaped and attacked neighbor's 30 year old mare, dangling off her nose causing a 8 inch laceration. He proceeded to charge the horse's owner who was terrified. Her husband shot the dog twice in the head & neck. Kron survived & was ordered euthanized. Owners appealed. There was an online petition describing the dog as having only three working legs and saying he got out, was lost and the horse startled him. His owners are a family with three girls and apparently few ethics. County commissioners overturned the euthanasia order & ruled Kron could live if his owners who have moved take him out of the area. I hope they have learned their lesson about Kron's prey drive but somehow I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Another Kron Oregon pit bull update: not only is Kron presumably happy to be home but back at work as breeding stock for the XXL pit bull breeders who own him. $2000 stud fee, no mention of his three working legs. I wonder how all the petition signers, protesters and county commissioners would feel if they knew they were enabling breeders instead of a little family of dog lovers. How lovely that Kron can pass his attack genes in to future generations of 150 pound pit bulls.

Kron is bully perfection an a ped that speaks for itself. SEE HIM IN PERSON no need for photoshopped pics!!!

boy is so wide its nuts
his width is wider than most 150lbers
heads size an shape is not normal for his body lol

short at the withers an short length wise, he will solve your limo, sway backed females
His fee is 2000$ for his first 3 breedings. I'm open to creating new stuff hit me up with your ideas. 702-576-4292


Anonymous said...

Anyone send that story to the judge who overturned Kron's euthanasia? He didn't save someone's pet, he saved an ugly money making walking slaughterhouse. Tell me again why owners like this aren't considered terrorists?

Anonymous said...

WOW! I just read Kron's story, and it is mind boggling that a dangerous animal gets to not only live another day, but pass on its genes!

How is it judges have gotten so soft that they don't have the balls to euthanize a worthless pit bull, and allow this sort of mockery to occur?