Monday, May 1, 2017





The mauling of a Roseville couple by a PIT BULL was horrific, neighbors said, but more startling: many remembered hearing of another attack weeks ago, the same home, same dog.

“I just saw all of these police cars and an ambulance,” said Joe Stebbeds about Sunday’s attack, who lives next door to the couple attacked.  “I didn’t know what it was all about until I saw it on the news.”

The Roseville woman and her husband remained hospitalized in critical condition after the mauling in their home on the 30000 block of Normal. The dog belongs to the woman’s 28-year-old son, police said.  Officers met the bloodied 52-year-old woman outside the home, where she said she’d been attacked by her son’s pit bull. Police say the woman suffered “severe” bites on her face, head and arms, and was “bleeding profusely.”


Medics transported the woman to a hospital, where she required surgery.  Her husband had been attacked, too, and he was still in the house, the woman said.  At the front door of the home, a neighbor was yelling at a dog to “get away,” police said.

Officers approached and saw a 51-year-old man “unconscious on the living room floor, suffering from horrific bites to his arms and face,” a statement on the incident said.  But the dog “was present and was extremely aggressive,” to the point the emergency personnel didn’t feel safe entering the home.   

It was only when an officer went to the back door and pounded on it to distract the dog, who walked toward the noise, that paramedics were able to enter and remove the man. When the dog returned to the front of the home, a firefighter used a Taser, which kept the dog neutralized long enough to remove the man.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said Monday he didn’t immediately know what the relationship was between the male victim and the woman’s son.

The pit bull and a second dog were taken by Macomb County Animal Control. Any charges will be determined by Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office, police said.

The man needed to be airlifted to the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, where he was in “extremely critical condition.” A few doors down from Stebbeds, Jan Schulter and Rose Lieblang were talking about the attack over the fence.  Like Stebbeds, they saw the police cars and ambulance Sunday. They were shocked to hear about the dog attack.  “It’s a pretty quiet street,” said Schulter.

Lieblang said she’d heard the dog in Sunday’s attack had bitten the owner’s mother a couple of weeks ago.  “That’s what surprises me,” she said. "HOW COULD YOU BE ABLE TO KEEP A DOG THAT'S ALREADY BITTEN YOU IN YOUR HOME?"


Anonymous said...

How can you keep a dog that's bitten you in your home before? Easy, we as a nutter nation believe in giving pit bulls many chances to kill. We don't consider killing sacred pit bulls, until they've had their first kill. Animal Control is no longer interested in controlling animals, keeping people and their pets safe, or PREVENTING MAULINGS.

On top of that, we have idiots that believe that pit bulls are just like regular dogs. The minute a pit bull shows its true colors, that animal should be dirt napped. There is this mentality that something caused a pit bull to do what it did. The novice nutters do not realize how dangerous pit bulls are in the first place, and do not understand how dire the situation is once a pit bull crosses the threshold of biting.

This is why we have fatal maulings, life flights, and lost limbs. Those in charge of keeping us safe do not want to believe there is a breed of dog that wants nothing more than to kill us. It would be SO EASY to enact Breed Specific Legislation. The stupid people have been running things for too long. We do not need anyone or anything else to be brutalized by a pit bull. There is no need for this barbaric breed. I don't care how many "good pit bulls" there are. There are too many irresponsible pit bull owners. If all it takes is an "irresponsible owner" for a pit bull to do something horrific, doesn't that imply how dangerous pit bulls are? That pit bulls should be regulated?

How did we get so stupid?

Dayna said...

I think it's interesting that the son may be charged. I suppose this is the natural course of events after the nutters repeat their mantras over and over, " it's all how you raise them, you have to train them to attack"... good luck pit owners! You made your bed!