Tuesday, June 13, 2017


A Bullmastiff breed dog overlays downtown Bronte. This is not the exact dog that attacked the little girl. (Wikipedia)
SAN ANGELO, TX — A child was attacked at her home in Bronte Sunday night by a 4-year-old BULLMASTIFF, the breed of the dog. According to the Coke County Sheriff Wayne McCutchen, the Bullmastiff had been recently adopted. The exact age of the girl was not known, but the age of the girl, in a photo we were provided, appears to be around two years old. The child has stitches on her face and mouth and appeared to be badly injured.
The young girl was rushed to Shannon Medical Center last night by Coke County EMS. She was stabilized and was then flown to Cook Children’s hospital in Fort Worth, Sheriff McCutchen said.
McCutchen said the investigation by his office has barely begun, so he did not have many other details to share. The Coke County Sheriff has talked to the child’s father, “He’s pretty shook up,” the Sheriff said.
The dog was put down by its owner, McCutchen confirmed.
The victim’s grandmother, Sherry De Mory, stated on Facebook that the child’s first surgery went well, “Surgery went well. Has another one scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray for her,” she stated in a post.
Later, she elaborated on the circumstances of the attack. “I appreciate people who want to re-home their animals and not just let them go run free or take them to the animal control. BUT if they have ever shown signs of aggression, let the people who are adopting YOUR dog let the people know! My daughter only had this dog two days...She was told he is so SWEET AND GENTLE great with kids!  Tjos dpg was pm ots 3rd home.  Maybe someone might have said something our baby girl wouldn't be injured!” De Mory said.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mother of this child,

Not only is the previous owner of this dangerous dog breed, and the shelter responsible for the Bull Mastiff injuring your child, but so are you! What kind of idiot brings home a massive dog with an unknown history into their home with a small child?

You are not blameless!