Wednesday, June 7, 2017


A 4-year-old Lake Isabella girl is getting better at Valley Children's Hospital after being mauled by the family dog.  Natalee Spears' surgeon called her injuries some of the worst she's seen in 14 years at the hospital.
On the morning of May 20, Natalee had just finished breakfast when Browser, the family PIT BULL, attacked.
Her stepmother, Tammy Hughes, was in the room.
"I pried his mouth open and was hitting him in the face, trying to get him off of her," Hughes said. "Got him off. He got loose again from me."
Hughes got her out of the room and away from the dog. She said Natlee's face was barely hanging on. Seconds later, she was shocked to see Natalee's resiliency.
"I was scared, holding her," Hughes said. "You don't know it's gonna get fixed, and then she started singing 'You Are My Sunshine' with me."
Natalee was rushed to a Bakersfield hospital, but doctors said she needed a higher level care, so she was airlifted to Valley Children's.
She underwent six hours of surgery to re-attach her face, repair nerve damage, reconstruct her nose and fix her jaw that was broken on both sides.
Fast forward 17 days and Natalee is making plans like any 4-year-old.
"I have an ice cream party," she said.
She's also well aware of her injuries.
"I got a hole, I gotta a hole in my neck," the little girl said.
While Natalee recuperates, Valley Children's is also reintroducing her to animals. The lesson is to teach Natalee that dogs are friendly but to be gentle.
Her surgeon, Dr. Angela Rodriguez, dropped by to check on Natalee.
"We have to see the response of the facial nerve, but thankfully in that area it branches really nicely and it can recover especially in a child as young as Natalee," the doctor said.
Natalee hopes to check out of the hospital Friday.
Rodriguez said Natalee may need more surgeries, but it depends on her recovery in the next six months.


Farmer Jane said...

To fix her jaw that was broken on both sides...

This is why the "all dogs bite" idiocy doesn't hold up. Along with the unprovoked, life-threatening attack on a member of its own "pack" and the need for a life flight for the victim. These things only happen with pits.

Dayna said...

"While Natalee recuperates, Valley Children's is also reintroducing her to animals. The lesson is to teach Natalee that dogs are friendly but to be gentle."

Does anyone else find this repulsive? A 4 yr old girl is not even out of the hospital and the assholes are shoving dogs on her??? I'd have a real problem with that as a parent.

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on Natalee singing after her face was ripped off and her jaw was broken on both sides.

Is this worth it nutter parents? Is it worth having a pit bull as a pet so it can destroy a child's face for no good reason? And to reintroduce the child to animals to teach her to be gentle, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

No mention of what happened to the mauler. This does not sit well with me.

I want a cute purse said...

Dayna & Anon: That's exactly what I was thinking! Singing? Really? And dogs at the hospital? I swear empathy is out the window! People LOVE to talk about how helpful they are and what great ideas they have in a crisis.... everyone lives in a fairy tale except the broken 4 year old who is shouldering WAY too much.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon 6:45. I did not watch the video until now. I am furious!

At the end of the interview, the idiot step mother kissed Natalee on the mouth! The poor child said, "Ow." How stupid can you be to kiss a child with stitches all over her face nose? No thought to the risk of infection, or pain?


Also, the pit bull is no longer in the home, but obviously somewhere else to maul again. WHAT IS WRONG THESE PEOPLE?!!!!