Tuesday, August 8, 2017


A Boise mom is looking for justice for her 8-year-old son after she says he was attacked by a dog on July 31.
"It's every parent's worst nightmare," said Sarah Phillips.
It started when Phillips dropped her son Dylan Alvarado off at his father's house.

"I got a phone call from his father just completely hysterical," Phillips said. "I needed to get to St. Luke's downtown, Dylan had been attacked in the face by a dog and that it was bad."
The PIT BULL  belonged to a friend of Dylan's father who came over. 
"They were in the home no longer than 5 minutes before the animal attacked Dylan," Phillips said. 
Phillips says the attack was unprovoked. 
"The damage is horrific but we're extremely lucky," said Phillips. "I mean we're lucky that we still have him."
In the attack, Dylan lost part of his nose.  
"They did a skin graft from behind his right ear," Phillips said. "He is missing pieces so they are trying to fill in those pieces, that's why he's got a little sponge sewn on holding that graft on right now."
There are many more procedures and surgeries to be done. The main concern is the possibility of a collapsed nostril. 
"He's got a long couple of months, we're looking at missing the first couple weeks of third grade," said Phillips.
For now Dylan is in good spirits and is not afraid to play with his dog Ruby, but that may not always be the case.
"I am worried about the first time we encounter an animal in public and how it's going to affect him," Phillips said. "These owners and these animals should be held accountable for how they affect and dramatically change people's lives."
Phillips contacted the Boise Police Department to file a report. KTVB reached out to them and a spokesperson says while they can't speak to this particular case, in general if an attack is unprovoked and there wasn't evidence of intent or negligence they cannot press criminal charges against the owner for injury to a child.
"Our job right now is to prevent this from happening to anyone else and their family," Phillips said. "We can't prevent it all but when it does happen there needs to be some accountability."
KTVB also reached out to the Idaho Humane Society. They tell us the dog was taken in over the weekend and remains at their shelter. A spokesperson says they are talking with city attorneys about possibly pursuing a vicious dog case and possibly having a hearing.
To help Dylan and his family afford upcoming medical bills there is a GoFundMe

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Anonymous said...

How about educate parents on keeping their children away from pit bulls?

How about Breed Specific Legislation to hold pit bull owners to higher standards, so that these life changing injuries are prevented in the first place?

There is so much we can do to stop pit bull attacks, but pit bull apologists are working against us every step of the way. Their worthless hero pit bulls are more important than anyone's child. Their pit bulls have more rights than the average citizen. There are laws on the books protecting pit bulls and ownership of pit bulls, because deep down, pit bull apologists know that pit bulls are dangerous, and it's the only way to guarantee that they can own pit bulls without consequences.

Thank you pit bull apologists! We can see where your priorities lie.