Wednesday, August 30, 2017


More Dogs Found Tied Up and in Deplorable Condition in Polk County

County Police said Wednesday that they have found an additional 35 dogs tied up an in deplorable condition.  Police said that the latest set of dogs was found at a home 
on Puckett Road in Cedartown.
Police said that the dogs found on Puckett Road were in bad shape and being abused.
Polk County Police arrested Devecio Ranard Rowland, formerly of the 569 Cashtown Road in Aragon, after 70 dogs were found tied up to trees Monday.
Reports said that the dogs were found in terrible condition and malnourished.

Police and Animal Control found the dogs this morning tied up to trees with leads at Rowland’s former residence, which had been foreclosed on. They went out to the property based on a tip.
Police added that the dogs are all pit-based or bulldog-based breeds, and all have been fed and watered since they were found.
Rowland is charged with 70 counts of cruelty to animals.
He was arrested back in 2010 on similar charges that involved four others and a dog fighting ring.


Anonymous said...

I have a GREAT IDEA! Let's round up all the fighting pit bulls, rescue them, send them to neighborhoods across America and Canada, because it's all in how you raise them!

Who cares if a few pet dogs get killed? Who cares if a little kid's face gets torn up? Saving fighting pit bulls is a worthy cause, all 70 of them need a second chance! They need a shot at a normal life! They also need to get shot at when they go into attack mode, but let's ignore that! We don't want them to get a shot to humanely put them to sleep to end their suffering. NO! We want innocent victims to suffer, all in the greater cause of saving every last fighting pit bull!

We'll make sure to irresponsibly place these fighting pit bulls in homes with no clue how to handle them. We'll put tutus and therapy vests on the pit bulls to show how safe they are. We'll call them nanny dogs, and take pictures of the pit bulls with tiny human babies to prove the pit bulls will not harm any living thing. We'll make sure their history of fighting other pit bulls is obliterated with no trace of their true backgrounds preventing an adoption. No kill only applies to shelter pit bulls, other dogs don't count.

Each fighting pit bull will get 3 chances (victims) before they're dispatched. The first attack doesn't count. The second attack must be documented. The third attack will require 2 years of litigation before Mr. Mauler meets his maker.

It's such a GREAT IDEA! Please, send all of your favorite pit bull advocates loads of cash so they can look after these charming fighting pit bulls that deserve everything life has to offer. Disregard all of the haters that are trying to protect everyone else. They are uneducated and have no idea how much a fighting pit bull has to offer. Bring home 3 today!

Fighting pit bulls, they're just like regular dogs!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there are no real winners here. Although I believe that most pitbulls don't attack people, I believe many, if not most, will kill animals. If the police officers used guns which fired bullets back at the officers only 1 per cent of the time, would that be acceptable?
I have German shepherds, and the reliability of this breed when properly trained is incredible. However,I am scared for their safety in the presence of pitbulls and most pitbull owners. I have absolutely no idea how many human fatalities are caused by misdirected aggression---the aggression of a pitbull turned back to a person due to the dog focusing on attacking something else and the person is in the way. Misdirected aggression cannot be trained out. Nor do I want another one of my dogs killed by any pitbull.(Our old beagle was killed by the neighbor's pitbull puppy in 1988.)

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

So this nut was keeping pits chained in a rural or semi-rural area. Now let's bring it a city lot 100'x150'. When we moved to this house 22 years ago we had no dogs. I took care of a rabbit we had had for 8 years. The house next door went up for sale and soon afterward new neighbors moved in. They had 4 medium to small dogs that stayed in the house. One night there was a ruckus in their backyard in the middle of the night with lots of small dogs barking. The next day they came over and said they were sorry their dogs woke us up. They had let them out late to wee-wee and some possums ran under A SMALL UTILITY BLDG and they called male relatives to come help get the possums out. Imagine that...neighbors saying they were sorry their dogs barked at night. They moved and new neighbors moved in with very large boxers. They turned the utility bldg into a dog house by cutting holes in the side and putting a chain link fence around it. The boxers fought a 3rd small dog they put in with it, barked some at night and were often seen running up and down the street. Early one morning I walked out to get the paper and turned to come back up the driveway and there they were...probably been out all night and I was staring them in the face. I knew they were on their way back home so I stood tall and pointed my arm toward their house and said loudly "GO HOME...YOU GO HOME!" They did. These neighbors sold the house...the house with a small utility bldg with electricity, holes cut in the side for dogs to jump up and down and a chain link fence around one side..In the middle of the night the new nutters moved in and put pits in and added 2 small kennels on our fence line with pits in them. After over 8 years of observing "THE NEW RESPONSIBLE PIT OWNER", it is the same as in this story from Cedartown GA...but they do just enough so they can do it "IN PLAIN SIGHT". The pits are not exactly skinny..The old utility bldg is falling in..Old pieces of dog houses hang from the fence posts, weeds grow up around the entire backyard so tall and there is no path where anyone goes to gates to ever let the XXL mastiff looking pits out for exercise. Often weeks go by and no garbage cans are put out on the street for pickup so who's cleaning the crap from their small areas? When a man does come back there, those pits nearly tie themselves in a knot wiggling their butts just like in these videos..But I've never seen anyone touch those pits, and lately they are more and more alone as the nutter has a LARGE GERMAN SHEPHERD that he brings out the front door, walks around the perimeter of the yard and then ties up in the front yard for a small amount of time. I can only hope for a Darwin Award!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your neighbor's dogs are hungry. They just might make a Darwin Award come true!