Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

(WOIO)  "I moved here back in March and I'd say about five times these dogs have been loose and they're not very nice at all, at all."  
Jessica Novosel says her Avon Lake street would be nice, quiet and safe for kids to play on, if it were not for a couple of aggressive dogs.
About a week ago, she had to make a mad dash to save herself and her children when the dogs charged.
It's hard to deny that the dogs are vicious, attacking not once, but four times in a matter of minutes. Novosel says she likes dogs except for these two dogs that she says are terrorizing her neighborhood.  
She posted some video from her home security camera of the dogs attempting to attack her and her children.
"We were coming home from grocery shopping and on my way into the house with the kids I saw the two dogs and I kind of rushed and pushed them into house. Right after that the dogs kind of chased me in. They chased me in the house and I shut the door and they just kept attacking the door. That went on for about thirty minutes." 
Jessica, who had called Avon Lake Police a couple of times before, called a third time fearful the attacking dogs might maul someone. Just then a couple of boys with bikes were passing her house. The chain on one bikes popped off, putting a 12 year boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. It didn't tale long for the dogs to turn their attention to him.
"He kind of stopped right here in front of my house and the dogs started circling him.  I was telling him just stay where you are, don't move. I think he got a little nervous.
"He took off and I could have swore the dog bit him in the leg. He said he was fine which was good. He jumped in the neighbor's pool."
Another neighbor Mary Jane Lasure watched in horror when the dogs stopped chasing the boy and came for her.
"I was standing here and they come charging through here at me.  I had to open the door and fell, right in the doorway."
She hurt her arm and shoulder, but did not get bitten by the dogs. Lasure, who has lived in her house on Vanda Avenue for 71 years, says the dogs weren't finished yet. The first kid on his bike came back to check on his buddy and she said the dogs chased him down the street.  
The owner of the dogs lives in a rented house across the street, and the lease states: no dogs.
Avon Lake does not have a breed specific ordinance banning dogs, but it has two laws addressing vicious dogs that either attempt to attack or actually do attack someone. The owner can be cited and fined with the fines increasing each subsequent time.

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