Tuesday, September 12, 2017


(KOSA) -- One pet owner is devastated after her poodle was mauled and killed by another dog inside PetSmart.
The owner, Liliana Vergara, said she's not getting the answers she wants from the store manager.
She said that her dog Luna was 13-years-old and getting up in age on the fateful day they stepped into the PetSmart. Vergara knew she'd soon say a final goodbye to her beloved French poodle, but she never expected to see Luna's life end the way it did.
On May 12, Vergara brought her dog, Luna, to the PetSmart for grooming. Things took a turn for the worst as she passed another dog, a MASTIFF, which she said attacked and eventually killed her poodle.
"I couldn't say goodbye to my doggy. It just happened. It wasn't the right way. My feeling is PetSmart is not doing anything about it. It just happened, and we cannot do anything and I think they should do something to fix it," said Vergara.
Vergara and her husband returned to PetSmart for answers about what size dogs are allowed in the store and to obtain the video of their family pet being mauled.
They were told by the store manager that the owner of the mastiff agreed to pay for Luna's cremation and to let PetSmart handle the situation. Weeks later they have heard nothing more.
"I've been to the police station, animal control, PetSmart and it looks like it happened and no one can do anything," said Vergara.
Despite the situation, Vergara said she's glad her two small children weren't with her to witness the horrifying attack and hopes no other family has to experience the loss of a pet in such a gruesome way.
"I don't know, [large dogs] need to be muzzled or something in public places, from PetSmart I just want them to change policies for maybe large dogs," said Vergara.
Those with the PetSmart location said they couldn't comment.
Corporate officials released a statement saying, "We are truly saddened by the loss of Luna as a result of this tragic accident, and we remain in continual contact with the pet parent. As a practice, we do not provide internal documents or video to third parties, and for privacy reasons, it is our policy not to disclose the names or contact information of other customers. We welcome all dogs, regardless of their size, into our stores provided they are well behaved and leashed. Our thoughts are with the pet parent during this difficult time."
As for the Vergara family, they bought a new pet to help their children deal with the loss.
The store did send flowers to the family, but they say they'll never return to PetSmart again.
PetSmart does in fact have an in-store pet policy, displayed on the company's website. Animals allowed include domestic dogs and cats, birds, small animals and reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, possums, and pot-bellied pigs. Those animals must be on a leash or safely confined and vaccinated.
Several types of animals fall under the small animals and reptiles category, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and small lizards.
Pets that are deemed "non-traditional" are not allowed inside PetSmart stores.


Anonymous said...

I'm never taking my dog to Petsmart again. They basically protect the guilty.

Anonymous said...

In most states, dogs are property. Therefore, the dog's owner can legally sue for the value of the dog and the vet bill. I wish PetSmart would not allow dogs on flexi-leads in the stores. Furthermore, people must watch the area around their little dogs and keep them safe.

Anonymous said...

Having been involved in treating, training, and breeding dogs most of my adult life, I am totally convinced that one cannot rely on the behavior of other pet owners to keep my pets safe. PetSmart allows dogs in its stores and does not control those dogs. One of my young German shepherds was nearly attacked by a toy poodle suddenly turned loose by its idiotic owner on a flexi-lead. This was scary to me, as the poodle could have mentally damaged my dog. The best rule of thumb is to protect your pet as much as you would protect an infant. Do not allow any contact between your dog and others unless you personally know the dog and its handler. This rule applies wherever you go.