Saturday, September 23, 2017



Anonymous said...

I watched the entire broadcast. Very powerful message. I liked that it was balanced and looked at both sides of the issue.

Ledy vankavage, I cannot wait until that psychopath is no longer able to change laws to suit her psychosis. She doesn't know what happened to Dax, was the child crying? OMG! Seriously?

Politicians want to increase their political capital? Yeah, that explains everything. That's why pit bulls are constantly in the news, because of media bias and political capital. Not because pit bulls are literally ripping children apart every single day in America. No, that's all fake news. None of it is true, and we don't have to pay any attention to it if we don't want to.

BSL supporters will win the war, eventually. That is what pit bull advocates know, and are afraid of. That's why Ledy has enacted laws preemptively, as if the right to own killer dogs is some sort of inalienable right. It is not. The right for innocent children to live out their lives without the threat of being slaughtered by pit bulls, IS!

The same goes for every other living thing. We have the right to live our lives without the threat of pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

After having a few days to think about this and let it percolate my brain, I came up with a question that defies logic.

The pit bull advocates, namely Ledy vankavage, works to change laws to protect the rights of her ilk to own pit bulls. No other dog breed has such advocates. Does it not speak volumes that they, the pit bull advocates, know there is something dangerous about the breed that they have to change laws to prevent Breed Specific Legislation?

Ledy herself said that "pit bulls are just dogs, they are not werewolves." If that is the case, why is she going state to state to change laws and block Breed Specific Legislation?

The pit bull advocates know pit bulls are dangerous. They are more concerned with protecting "their rights" than they are with public safety. It is apparent what their intentions are, and what their knowledge is.