Monday, September 4, 2017


WFSB 3 Connecticut

UH..OOH! The woman attacked in the face by a dog that they said came out of no where was actually living in the home with the pit and the pit attacked her inside the home .....


A 21-year-old Plainfield woman is recovering after a Saturday dog attack that left her with facial injuries that required dozens of stitches as police continue seeking the animal.
Nicholas Guarneri, 23, said he and his girlfriend, Jade Santiago, had just moved to the Wauregan section of town two days before a PIT BULL-TYPE DOG  ambushed them on South Walnut Street at approximately 4:45 p.m.
“We were out for a walk, just checking out the neighborhood and heading back to our car,” Guarneri said. “Then, out of nowhere, the dog came up behind us and jumped up at Jade’s chin.”
Guarneri said Santiago instinctively moved her hands up, forcing the dog down to wrist.
“I was kicking it in the ribs several times and it began biting her shin,” he said. “After yelling at it, it took off between two houses.”
Guarneri rushed Santiago to the Backus Emergency Care Center.
“The dog just about took her chin off, it was hanging by a flap of flesh,” he said. “But she handled it like a champ.”
Santiago required approximately 45 stitches to close her facial wound, but is recovering now.
″(Santiago) suffered defensive wounds to her face before her boyfriend was able to assist her in getting away,” Capt. Mario Arriaga said. “This woman did nothing to antagonize that dog.”
The dog was described as a gray pit bull-type dog with a possible white spot of fur on its front paw.
Despite speaking with multiple residents in the area, police said the dog involved has not been identified. Plainfield police are asking anyone with information about the attack to contact them at (860) 564-0804.
“If anyone does see a strange dog in that area, they need to avoid it by walking — not running — in a different direction,” Arriaga said. “And then immediately call us.”
Guarneri praised the police department for their empathy and said he and Santiago will be making a more defintitve statement to officers in the coming days.
“Jade is an absolutely amazing woman, so smart, so funny and so charming,” he said. “She loves animals and is not holding this attack against the dog, but the owners. She’s everything I could ask for in a girlfriend.”
Felicia Trudeau said she was working at Wauregan Pizza, located a short distance from the incident area, the afternoon of the attack. Trudeau said she’s occasionally seen smaller dogs roaming the area, which includes several residences with “beware of dog” signs on lawns and in windows.
“But I haven’t seen any big dogs out roaming,” she said. “People are very good about keeping their dogs leashed or in their yards.

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Nothing says "Welcome to the Neighborhood" like an unleashed, unattended, attacking, pit bull.