Sunday, October 8, 2017


A Sacramento man is upset after his service dog was attacked by another passenger's "fake" service dog on the Sacramento Light Rail.
“I didn’t want a cane. When people see me go by with my dog, it’s a totally different vibe. They don’t trip on, this,” said Michael Kelly.
Kelly is blind and gets around using his certified seeing eye dog Kie.
Kie is trained to remain calm in chaotic situations.
"He’s blown off this attack very nicely," Kelly said.
Kei went right back to work with a mark on his muzzle.
"There was a PIT BULL ON HIS FACE JUST LATCHED ON,” Kelly explained. "My dog started screaming."
The incident happened just over a week ago at the Regional Transit Station at 16th and Q streets in midtown Sacramento.
Kelly says just as they got on the light rail a pit bull lunged toward Kie and locked it’s jaw onto his mouth.
"[The owner] claimed it was a service dog," Kelly said.
Sacramento police tell FOX40 that’s when they came out and reminded the pit bull owner that they monitored cameras there.
Police say the man admitted the pit bull was a pet and not a service animal but there’s not much police can do about it.
"Oh, it’s infuriating," Kelly said.
The Americans with Disabilities Act was created to protect people with special needs from discrimination.

So, all someone has to do is lie.
"So many people lie about it that it ruins it for those of us that have a legitimate need,” Kelly explains.


Anonymous said...

Growing up, I wanted a dog so bad, but could not have one because our apartment did not allow it. These days, anyone can claim their pit bull is a service dog, and take them where pit bulls do not belong.

The sense of entitlement of pit bull owners is one thing, the lack or total disregard for people that actually use animals to exist in society is another. Nutters are too stupid to keep their maulers on a short leash. Is it that hard to anticipate that a pit bull might react to another animal?

This is why normal people do not want pit bulls on airplanes, in stores, on buses, on trains, in parks, in schools, in nursing homes, in restaurants, in hospitals, or any other place pit bulls do not belong!

I want a cute purse said...

This gives me white hot rage! Learning how to quickly dispatch an attacking Pitbull is now a life skill. No doubt this mauler will live to attack another day. Pitbull owners just cannot tell the truth can they?! If you own a pit, you are not my friend.

Anonymous said...

Pitbull owners have absolutely no concern as to the damage their dogs can cause, as they have no money, no insurance, and no property. Suing them is a waste of time. Attorneys won't take the case on a contingency basis. Unless they are incarcerated, pitbull owners are not punished for their dogs' actions. Why should they care about what their dogs do?