Saturday, November 25, 2017



The owners of two-year-old Chester the Beagle - who was killed on a rugby field in Eccles - are now warning others to be careful after the killing of their beloved pet by TWO MASTIFF-TYPE DOGS.
According to MEN, disturbing video of the attack shows blood pouring from the mastiffs’ mouths as they savage the defenceless pet near St Patrick’s High School in Winton.
The attackers’ walker is seen trying to unlock the dogs’ jaws before walking away, it was reported.
Chester was a gift from Jennifer Thornley to husband Gary for their wedding two years ago.  Mrs Thornley described how Chester had been let off the lead to enjoy a run-around with his dog walker when he was savagely set upon.
Mrs Thornley, 29, a hospital doctor, said: “He was the most beautiful boy. 
"He was our best friend, we absolutely love him. He was so friendly, so trusting. 
"I don’t know what we are going to do without him and I’ve never seen Gary like this. 

"When I saw him he was in our kitchen, he had chunks missing from his little body.
"I’ve seen the video - those dogs enjoyed it. What if this happens to a child? We need to do something."
Janet Payne, Chester’s dog walker, has told how she was forced to watch Chester being thrown around ‘like a rag doll’ on Wednesday afternoon.
Recalling the ordeal, Ms Payne, 39, who was walking five dogs at the time, added: “I was shouting to Chester to come and I looked up and saw two big dogs with something between them. I just knew. I screamed.
"I clipped the other dogs to a railing and ran to Chester. "He was in the middle of the field being pulled all over the place. The little boy was being torn to pieces.”
Ms Payne said she tried to intervene, begging the man walking the mastiffs to help.
But, she says, the only thing he said was: "Why the f**k wasn’t your dog on a lead?"
After around 30 seconds, Chester was dead.
Ms Payne added: “At one point the white dog looked at me and I thought I was for it, but he went back to Chester.

"Then the man managed to get him off and left the other dog with me as he walked off calling for it every now and then. 
"Eventually the blood-covered dog ran after him, he didn’t even look back.
"He just left me screaming in horror with the poor lifeless boy at my feet."
The incident has been reported to police.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like the maulers weren't on a lead or a collar for that matter. It's the victims fault though, always and forever.

How horrific! I could not bear to watch my dog getting torn apart by mastiffs, pit bulls, or whatever dangerous dog does the killing.