Sunday, November 5, 2017


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Mary Hester Williams posted 6 photos.
Jack was the rock of our little family since we became a family. He was faithful, loving, and patient, and completely devoted to Andrew.
On Monday, jack was attacked by a pit bull in our gated backyard. He was sitting in his bed. The bull walked right by my friend, her father, and her one year old child to get to jack. By the time we could get the dog off of him, Jack’s back was completely ripped open and he had significant internal injuries. He passed away tonight.
Thank you to everyone who has consoled us, loved us, and offered to help these last few days. We are so thankful for our amazing family and friends.
Mostly, we are thankful that he was our sacrificial lamb. There were two babies and two expecting mothers just feet away from the attack and Jack bravely fought for us. We won’t ever forget our sweet jack!
The pit bull has since been taken by animal control. He won’t come back. @ Monroe, Georgia


Farmer Jane said...

Are you sure he won't come back? Seizure by AC is rarely a death sentence. They advocate for pits, not people or the pets the pits kill.

Anonymous said...

And this is why pit bulls have advocates. What other dog breed goes around randomly killing other dogs?

When nutters say that "man biters were culled", they are basically admitting that pit bulls are used to kill other dogs, and that's okay! It is what they were bred for. If anyone points out that is why pit bulls should be banned, nutters will scream, "NANNY DOG!"

Nutters continually say that pit bulls are misunderstood. Yes, by nutters themselves! They talk out of both sides of their mouths. They will proudly announce the achievements of pit bulls, but then deny that "pit bull" is a breed. "It's all in how they're raised", but they empty shelters of pit bulls with "unknown" histories. Nutters go to fatal pit bull attack stories, and talk about how sweet their pit bull is.

The insanity is endless, and the solution is simple, Breed Specific Legislation. Enough of this not being allowed to judge a breed as a whole, and having to judge each pit bull individually. That is giving every single pit bull multiple chances to kill. What are we losing by getting rid of pit bulls, and what are we gaining?

Pit bulls are not humans, do not have rights above humans, and the world is better off without pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Farmer Jane, I live in Houston and a neighbor was posting on Nextdoor that she was being menaced by a pair of vicious pit bulls that repeatedly escaped from their dilapidated fence. She was carrying a firearm to use her backyard. Turns out the owner works for BARC, our city's animal control agency.

Dayna said...

Sacrificial lamb is spot on. That poor lab.

Farmer Jane said...

Anonymous 8:46, I've been where your neighbor is. Now I carry a knife instead of a gun because it's better for close encounters. I'm a 54 year old mother and wife. A person who raises cows and goats, and I had to learn to use a knife for "wet work". All because the idiots make poor choices when getting a dog and are too stupid to figure out how to build a fence. I don't even involve AC anymore if I can avoid it. They're the ringleaders of the idiots. If I hear one more time about how the attacking dog was "just playing", I'm not sure if I could be held accountable for my actions.