Saturday, November 18, 2017


A man and woman have been hospitalized after they were attacked by TWO PIT BULLS in East Oakland Friday morning.

The attack occurred in the 2600 block of 63rd Avenue at about 10 a.m.

In addition, police say a PIT BULL/SHAR PEI MIX that belonged to the female victim was attacked and killed by the two dogs.

The daughter of the woman, says her mom 54-year-old Nichole Kennedy, suffered a broken leg and several severe bite wounds to her head and face.

"She had just come from getting coffee and smoking her cigarette. And she was coming down to take the dog walking," said Princess Kennedy.

"I'm just praying she'll be okay and just waiting on a phone call to go back up there and see. But, they were cleaning her up while the operating people were coming in and I thought my mom was dead," explained Kennedy.

The male victim is listed in stable condition at a local hospital, according to police.

Oakland Animal Services also responded to the attack.

Rebecca Katz, that agency's director, said Animal Services is investigating the incident and has taken into custody the two Pit Bulls that were involved in the attack as well as the dog that was killed.

Katz said her agency also has taken into a custody another Pit Bull that's owned by the man who owns the two pit bulls that were the attackers.

The daughter of the female victim says her mom's dog was supposed to be turned over to animal control because of allegations that it had bitten someone.

Police are still investigating what happened in the dog attack and it's not clear if the owner of the Pit Bulls will face any charges.


A man and woman were hospitalized with severe bite wounds after they were attacked by TWO PIT BULLS  in East Oakland Friday morning, police said.

The woman's pit bull was also attacked and killed by the dogs, authorities said. The mauling happened about 10 a.m. in the 2600 block of 63rd Avenue, south of Bancroft Avenue.
The woman, 53, and man, 71, suffered deep puncture wounds, including to their faces and heads.  Both were taken to the hospital and were in stable condition Friday afternoon, authorities said.
The woman was in a back lot with her dog when two pit bulls from a nearby residence attacked her dog, and then her, continuing the assault after she fell to the ground.
As the woman screamed for help, she attracted the attention of the 71-year-old man, who tried to ward off the dogs using a mop. The effort failed, and the man was knocked to the ground and severely bitten before the dogs’ owners were able to retrieve them back to their property.
Terence Martin, of Birmingham, Alabama, was in town for a funeral and witnessed the attack.
“I heard the lady yelling for help. I looked at the window and saw her on the ground, and they (the dogs) were on top of her and biting her. Biting her head, her face, they were just attacking everywhere,” Martin said.
He said the man who tried to help was bitten in the leg and was knocked down and bitten some more by both dogs.
“I’ve never seen anything like this before and I don’t want to see it again,” Martin said.
Both the dead pit bull and the attacking dogs were taken by animal control officers to the city shelter.
Authorities said the woman who was attacked was supposed to have surrendered her dog to animal control officers on Thursday because of its history of biting people, but she had failed to do so.

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