Thursday, December 28, 2017


Police in Barnstable, Massachusetts said they received a call around 11:15 a.m. Wednesday about a dog bite at the PetSmart in Hyannis.
When they arrived, police said they found a trail of blood leading from the grooming area through the customer aisle and training area, around the corner and into the employee lounge.
In the lounge, police found a female PetSmart employee being treated by co-workers for multiple bite wounds. She reportedly suffered BITE WOUNDS TO HER UPPER TORSO, WRIST AND HAND, AS WELL AS EXTENSIVE TEARING OF THE FLESH, POSSIBLE BROKEN BONES AND A POSSIBLE DISLOCATED SHOULDER. 
The victim said the owner of the dog, a pit bull mix, brought it in wearing a muzzle asking that it be groomed. When asked about the muzzle, the owner said the dog had previously attacked another dog, but was "sweet as can be." The owner was informed that store policy required the removal of the muzzle during grooming.
Police said the dog had actually previously attacked a person, and PetSmart would have declined to provide grooming services if that information had been disclosed.
During the grooming process, while the dog was being moved, police said the dog attacked the victim FOR NO APPARENT REASON AND WITHOUT WARNING AND WOULD NOT LET GO OF HER ARM.
Co-workers used an air horn and a special spray, but were still unable to deter the dog until they were finally able to physically pull the victim's arm out of the dog's mouth. They then secured the dog in a cage and brought the victim to the employee lounge.
Due to the severity of the victim's injuries, rescue workers stabilized her at the scene and then transported her to Cape Cod Hospital. SHE WAS LATER FLOWN TO BRIGHAM AND WOMEN'S HOSPITAL IN BOSTON FOR FURTHER TREATMENT.  
Her name is not being released and her condition is not known at this time.
Following the incident, the dog was released to the owner and ordered to be kept under quarantine for 10 days. Sandwich police and animal control were also notified.
Police said they are not ruling out the possibility of charging the dog's owner.


Anonymous said...

People, in general, falsely advise veterinary staff as to the danger their dogs are. Is that 100%? Of course not. People who believe their dogs might bite accept reality. Theirs don't bite. People who believe their dogs won't bite put staff at risk. In addition, a policy of never using muzzles is foolish. That looks good to the public but puts staff at risk. In my personal experience, a pitbull owner with a documented mauler failed to tell any of the staff of the danger, sent the dog in the exam room with grade school children, and stayed two doors down talking with the receptionist. I knew the history of this dog which had crippled a young man by ripping out an Achilles tendon. I demanded he be muzzled. PetSmart needs to protect its staff with usage of muzzles when needed or refuse all dogs with questionable temperament. Unfortunately, pitbulls don't warn. All should be muzzled.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps PetsMart will reconsider their welcoming attitude of pit bulls and their lying, irresponsible, misleading, owners?

Pit bull mix? I'm sure it was a pure, red nose, backyard inbred, nanny dog.

A normal dog bite does not leave a trail of blood throughout the store, or a life flight. But hey, what do I know? I'm a racist, foaming hater that needs to be educated on the virtues of pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I stopped going to PetSmart with my border collie because of the high percentage of pitbulls walking the aisles, hauling idiot humans behind them. A few months after that, I stopped going all together, because of the GROWLING pitbull I saw roaming the aisles dragging an idiot human after it. The other day, some moron was standing in an aisleway at the local grocery store, trying to get her GREAT DANE emotional support dog to settle down, and I thought 1)Well, at least it's not a pit bull 2)who the eff needs a GREAT DANE as an emotional support dog 3)bet I'd violate some law if I asked her that and 4)won't be long before I'm dodging pitbulls here too - I supposed I could order groceries delivered.

Anonymous said...

My only pet is a bird. I used to go to PetSMart for bird supplies and always found the dog visitors to be mostly annoying and messy...I drew the line when I started to see pitbulls and the occasional dogo argentino and Rottweiler. I told the manager that their willingness to accommodate these visits was huge public safety liability and I would take my business elsewhere. I now pay bridge toll to shop at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic. Let's tell PetSmart why we are boycotting them and tell the next store why we are willing to travel the distance for them.

Dayna Hamilton said...

I remember this dog when it attacked the first time, the owners were about 80 and the full pit was 100 lbs. It's a freaking miracle that pit never went after the owners. Idiots that they are, I hope they are sued into next year.

Anonymous said...

I am a former dog groomer. It is a very difficult job and although most dogs tolerate the grooming process well, some dogs do not. Most dogs do not like their nails trimmed and will try to bite. As a dog groomer you're constantly on guard to the dog's behavior but, they are quick! The groomer has to physically lift the dog onto the grooming table and then secure them with an adjustable type noose which is attached to a grooming arm on the table to prevent the dog from jumping off the table during grooming. We then clean their ears, trim their nails and brush out their coats before bathing them. Many times it is a very stressful process for the dog. The owner of this dog who withheld the fact that this dog had bitten someone in the past literally set this groomer up to be bitten. The owner should be prosecuted and the dog should be euthanized.