Monday, December 18, 2017


Within 12 hours, a 73-year-old Dayton woman lost her daughter to illness, and then her best friend, 9-year-old poodle Rosie, to an attack by an aggressive dog.
Joyce Ford let out her three dogs, Rosie, Louis and Missy, around 6:45 a.m. Saturday into the fenced-in backyard of her home in the 200 block of Smith Road in Dayton.
Shortly after, she and her son, Shawn Montague, said they heard a lot of barking outside.
“We looked out the window and we saw a GREAT PIT BULL that was trying to break up under neath the fence. The dog actually got up underneath the fence, grabbed the dog and ripped the dog to pieces,” Montague said. “It was a terrible thing to see.”
Montague and his mother tried to save Rosie, but to no avail. He grabbed the dog's tail and flung it, but it wouldn't dislodge.
“My mom got a screwdriver and tried to stab the dog in the back and the screwdriver broke,” he said. “The other dogs were trying to attack the pit bull so I tried to grab them up so they wouldn’t get attacked, too.”
When he saw the dogs insides spilled out, he turned to his mother and told her to go inside, that her dog is gone.
Witnesses helped to get the dog secured and chained to a pole.
This is a difficult time for his mother, Montague said.
“Right now, she’s making arrangements to bury my sister and on top of that she loses her best friend ... and then, the way it happened. I didn’t want to her to witness it but when she saw it, it was devastating,” he said.
When Dayton police officers arrived, they found the pit bull chained to a fence post with “blood on the pit bull’s mouth, jawline area and on the chest area, where there was a white patch of fur,” according to an incident report. It also stated the dog barked at a small child who came outside a nearby residence and “began to aggressively bark towards the child and tried to break loose from the chain.”
According to a Dayton police report, a 27-year-old woman at the house where the pit bull lives said the dog belongs to her ex-boyfriend but that she lets the dog stay at her home.
That dog and the deceased poodle were taken by police to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.
Director MARK KUMPF said the pit bull is being held at ARC pending the Dayton police investigation and location of its owner.
No one has been cited in the incident.


Dayna said...

Mark Kunt will make sure pittie poo gets every comfort and back home ASAP. And the owner of the killer pit will get a strongly worded letter. Hey it's Ohio! Pit bulls have more rights than any one!

Anonymous said...

Mark Kumpf, you say? The worthless, useless, and dangerous pit bull advocate? This pit bull has a new lease on life. The pseudo owner better watch for that sternly worded post it note on the front door.

In the minds of nutters we must not kill pit bulls, because pit bulls are the sacred bringers of death. This pit bull did not mean to kill the little poodle, it was a tragic accident. Just because the pit bull went out of its way, broke through a fence, and would not stop trying to kill Rosie, does not mean it was intentional.

The pit bull needs rehabilitation. That Vick Dog Lady, the one with the broken arms, Jacqueline Johnson, I nominate her, she knows what she's doing.

Rosie was inhumanely killed in her own backyard, but the killer pit bull shall be saved, rehabilitated, and given another opportunity to kill instead of humanely euthanized.

Speaking of no kill, can someone please tell the pit bulls to stop killing?

Farmer Jane said...

It's so weird that the pit bulls rarely seem to belong to the person who lives in the same house with them. I've never seen this with other dogs. The two blue heelers that live in my home are mine. The GSD that lives next door belongs to my neighbor. Two doors down, the yellow Lab belongs to that neighbor. Yet when pits break free and attack, the owner lives elsewhere and no one will claim responsibility. They belong to a boyfriend, a son, a daughter, a grandson, a friend, etc.