Sunday, December 31, 2017


The barking dogs in Sabrina Valenzuela's backyard this week didn't belong there. They belonged to her next-door neighbor.
They broke that fence right there and they slid all the way through.

By the time her family found the backyard invaders, Valenzuela says the HUSKIES  had already killed their three dogs.

The Chihuahua mix Roxy was part of their family for 13 years and four years ago, she had her last litter.

The family kept two of the puppies. Now, they're all gone.

Valenzuela said, "I'm sure we could probably replace the dog, but it's never going to be the same. It's never going to be the same."

The SPCA removed the dogs later that morning.

I tried to talk to their owners, but they didn't give me much of a chance to ask questions.

Before they slammed the door, the neighbors told me they had the dogs put down because they knew what happened was wrong.

They said the Huskies had never acted like that before and they're heartbroken.

Valenzuela says her family hasn't gotten an explanation or an apology, but she understands people enjoy all different kinds of dogs some of which can be aggressive.

Animal control officers say attacks like this are a bigger risk around New Year's Eve because unsecured dogs are more likely to break free if they get scared by gunshots or fireworks.


Anonymous said...

Huskies are more feral in thinking than many other breeds, and they are extraordinarily hard to confine. They are bred to run. The loss of the Chihuahuas is sad, and the Huskies did what was normal to them. It's too bad for everyone that the Huskies weren't properly confined.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Huskies weren't properly confined, but who leaves Chihuahuas unattended? I have a 60 pound dog that is part Husky, and I don't leave her alone in the backyard. I live on the edge of a conservation area and we have coyotes. Not only that, but a couple of pit bulls live across the street. I know I'm not a normal dog owner in that I don't let my dog roam the backyard unattended, but if I had small dogs, I'd be even less likely to. Heck, we have predator birds that could snack on Chihuahuas.

Now, if I had THREE dogs of any kind in an adjoining yard, there's no way I'd let my dogs fend for themselves.

I want a cute purse said...

Huskies can be very dangerous. I had them growing up. My parents had to put one down because she kept escaping and then attacked our cat. Broke through a window to attack the cat.
Owning fighting breeds is out of the question but huskies are a risk too if you ask me.