Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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(Maybe Cujo looked like this internet picture.)

UPDATE:  http://canoe.com/news/world/dog-named-cujo-fatally-shot-after-attacking-deputy-pizza-delivery-man

A pizza delivery man was hospitalized Sunday night after being attacked by a PIT BULL on Brian Circle. The dog then attacked the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy who responded to the call.
The dog, whose name was Cupo, was shot and killed.
“He was a big strong dog,” said OCSO spokeswoman Michele Nicholson, adding that the pit bull had not been neutered. PAWS Director Dee Thompson said Cupo weighed over a hundred pounds and was “all muscle.”
According to Nicholson, the homeowner said the dog ran from the back yard at 560 Brian Circle, chased and then attacked the pizza delivery driver, 19-year-old John Wade. Thompson said the driver had been instructed to call the homeowners before knocking due to the dog, but he did not and instead knocked on the front door. When the homeowner opened the side door to reprimand the driver for not calling, the dog slipped out and attacked him.
Thompson said Cupo dragged the driver across the street. A tourniquet was used to stop the bleeding until EMS arrived and transported the teen to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. He suffered extensive injuries to his lower leg and foot that required surgery.
After the attack, OCSO K9 handler Deputy Cutler Petersen and another deputy arrived to assist the homeowner in restraining the dog outside 541 Brian Circle. According to Nicholson, the deputies got its harness and leash attached, but the dog pulled away and charged at Petersen, who then used pepper spray in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the attack.
In trying to get away from the charging dog, Petersen tripped over a raised flower bed and the dog lunged at his head and neck area. The dog bit down on Petersen’s arm as he covered his head and neck. The other deputy tried to pull Cupo off Petersen, but he would not release his bite.
The deputy then shot Cupo multiple times. The dog died at the scene.
PAWS Director Dee Thompson said Cupo had four bullets in his body and two in his head. She added that mace is generally not effective at detaining dogs and may just agitate them even more. 
Petersen was taken to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, where he underwent surgery to repair his damaged arm. He was in surgery until midnight, Nicholson said.
“He used an entire can of pepper spray on this dog and they had to shoot it,” she said. “The deputy put his arm up. The dog was going for his neck and head. He tripped while backing up from the dog.”
The attacks happened just before 8 p.m. Thompson said Cupo had bitten a woman before in her feet. At the dog’s hearing where he could have officially been deemed dangerous, the bite victim did not show up as is required in those hearings, and so the case was dropped.
Residents of the quiet neighborhood behind the Santa Rosa Mall came home to find the street lit up with emergency personnel and what some, at first, thought was a body in the front yard.
Blanca Zapata-Gomez, who lives a few blocks away, said she and her husband had several encounters with the dog and that her husband started carrying a big stick when they walked. Eventually, they gave up and started walking at the mall, instead, she said.
“We walked in the neighborhood every night, but we’ve stopped now,” she said.
Most recently, she was walking by the fenced-in neighborhood park and was startled by what she described as a loud “whomp” on the fence.
The owners were on the other side of the park and the dog had spotted her and run over, stopping only when he hit the fence.  She said  the dog was "short, fat and very strong,"  and that she was worried the fence wouldn’t be strong enough to hold him.
“Thank God the gates were closed,” she said.
Neighbors said the dog had a history of being aggressive, and PAWS officials said the dog had bitten a woman before in her feet. At the hearing to have the dog officially deemed dangerous, the previous bite victim never showed up, and so the case was dropped.


Anonymous said...

Another pit bull that goes berserk when someone knocks on a door? It is starting to sound like Bosco the insane pit bull is not the only pit bull that suffers from the terror of people coming to the front door.

Hey, nutter pit bull owner, instead of reprimanding the driver for doing normal pizza delivery things, why don't you think about how abnormal your situation is? A person cannot knock on your front door because of a pit bull? The pit bull will attack? If that's the case, why didn't you take more steps to prevent this from happening. Like what? I'm so glad you asked!

1. Pick up your own damn pizza you lazy jerk!

2. Put your pit bull on a leash, yes, even in the house. It's used for training. Training is this thing responsible dog owners do. A leash gives responsible owners control of their dogs, keeping them from running out of doors and attacking delivery people.

3. Contain your pit bull in a kennel, or in a room. It's really not that hard. When I have a pizza delivered, I put a baby gate to block my dog from helping to greet the delivery guy. My dog is not an insane pit bull, and will not try and jump over the gate or break free. I don't have special instructions like, "Please call, do not knock because my dog will try and kill you." I have, "A dog will help answer the door." That's so the delivery guy knows there is a dog. So far, no one has been mauled.

4. Here's another idea, wait outside for your delivery person since it's that dangerous to get a pizza delivered to your house.

5. If your pit bull is that insane, that it cannot handle life, maybe you should humanely dirt nap it. Oh, wait. Your pit bull is already dead, problem solved.

How much do you guys want to bet that this idiot will get another pit bull?

Farmer Jane said...

I wish that it could be common practice to shoot and kill any dog that is involved in a serious mauling. No 10 day quarantine. No return to the irresponsible owner's home. No second mauling. No neighborhood held hostage by some idiot's choice of a pet. Sigh. That poor boy probably doesn't have medical insurance. It's also likely he's part time and doesn't qualify for any other benefits, either. He'll be out of work for a while because of his injuries. I hope the pitiots have to pay every penny of his medical expenses and lost wages. Not likely, but one can dream.

Dayna said...

I agree with everything you said. I cannot take your bet because I'm betting they'll get another shit bull. Maybe their next one will help them with the Darwin Award they covet.