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curran pit bull falmouth 1 Year Old Attacked By Family Pit Bull, Suffers Life Threatening Injuries


Remmy Goulart is in stable condition but still needs multiple surgeries after her family's pit-bull terrier attacked her Sunday morning.

UPDATE:  FALMOUTH (CBS) – A 1-year-old girl has life-threatening injuries after she was attacked by the family dog, authorities say.  Falmouth police say the girl was playing in the kitchen with her father nearby Sunday morning when the PIT BULL TERRIER attacked and bit her in the face.

Her father was unable to separate the dog from the child, police said. He grabbed a pistol but when he realized it was unloaded he picked up a knife and stabbed the pit bull.

First responders arrived to the home on Brick Kiln Road just before 9 a.m. An ambulance took the girl to Falmouth Hospital, where she was then flown by helicopter to a Boston area hospital.  Her condition was not immediately known but Falmouth fire Lt. Scott Stanbard told WBZ-TV her injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

The dog was fatally wounded by the owner, police said. The family has owned the pit bull for five years and it has no known history of violence or aggression, according to a preliminary police investigation.The attack appeared to be unprovoked, but authorities are investigating.


FALMOUTH – Falmouth Police report that at approximately 8:54 AM Sunday, Falmouth Police Department received a 911 call from a residence on Brick Kiln Road reporting that a 1-year old girl had been attacked by the family dog. The Falmouth Fire & Rescue Department and the Falmouth Police Department rushed to the residence, and FFRD immediately began treating the child. She was transported to the Falmouth Hospital by ambulance, and subsequently to a Boston area hospital by helicopter.
The preliminary investigation indicates that the child was playing in the kitchen with the father nearby. THE FAMILY PIT BULL TERRIER  attacked the child and bit her in the face causing major trauma. The father immediately attempted to separate the dog from the child, but was unable. He retrieved a pistol from an adjacent room, but when he realized that it was not loaded he grabbed a knife and began stabbing the animal in order to protect the child. The dog was fatally wounded.
The family has owned the dog for 5 years. The preliminary investigation has revealed no known history of violence or aggression. At this time, the attack appears to have been unprovoked. The incident remains under investigation by the Falmouth Police Department with assistance from the Falmouth Department of Marine & Environmental Services, Animal Control Division.

(Media release furnished by Falmouth Police)


From the year 2000 to presently in 2017, Takata airbags caused 13 deaths and 180 injuries, from among 42 million affected USA cars on the road, activating the largest recall in US history. Since 2016 IKEA children furniture killed 8 toddlers, implementing measures recalling 17 million children’s chests of drawers.
During this same time frame, pit bulls have caused 328 US deaths. From among the CDC estimated each year, 4.5 million dog bites in America -an incident rate greater than 1 every 15 seconds – Just like the child in this attack, Pit Bulls cause multi thousands of Trauma level 1 injuries . In 2017 alone, pit bulls caused 28 US deaths, along with 2.5 Trauma level 1 wounded daily. Pit Bulls make up about 6 to 7 million of the estimated 86 to 90 million dogs in the USA.
I wonder out loud why with Zero (0) public resistance, Takata airbags and IKEA furniture combined for (21) deaths in the last 18 years leading to two of the biggest recalls in USA history? How on the other hand, on far more grossly horrific numbers and (7) more deaths beyond the recalls combined totals, people advocate for pit bulls, a completely unnecessary risk in pet keeping ?

Would pit bull kooks think it would be cute to have a Pit Bull sitting in the front seat riding in a car with faulty airbags? How about a Pit Bull with its bed placed at the foot of some IKEA furniture? No but they do not hesitate to have them around their own children


Anonymous said...

When will parents stop believing the lies that pit bull advocates tell? Nanny dogs, just like regular dogs, most loyal, most loving, most misunderstood, great family pets, ranks highest on temperament test, Chihuahuas bite more, lick you to death, pit bulls would not hurt a fly, there's no such thing as a pit bull...

There are hundreds of lies and one truth. Pit bulls are dangerous animals. All dogs bite, but all pit bulls maul.

Now of course, the nutters will point out that not all pit bulls maul, their own wiggle butt hasn't done anything wrong. Right, right, but not all dogs bite either. I have a dog that has not bitten anyone. Yes, my dog can bite, but she's not equipped to maul. There's a HUGE difference.

I'm glad the pit bull in this case is dead and I hope the child survives. Yes, children can be stitched up, but they will never be the same. Pit bulls are not worth the risk, EVER!

Anonymous said...

"The attack appeared to be unprovoked, but authorities are investigating." ??!! Because maybe the baby is to blame for her own attack and ultimately the innocent pit bull's death? Who writes this stuff? Don't they know what they are insinuating? A child was life-flighted with critical injuries caused by a large powerful dog latching on to her tiny face. The dog's owner was forced to stab the animal to death to save her. Seriously what could a baby do to a normal family dog that would "provoke" a scenario like this? Hint it's a trick question; we aren't dealing with a normal family dog here. When a canine puts your family on the ten o'clock news for a life flight helicopter ride and fatal stabbing, you never had a family pet to begin with. That was a four-legged time bomb. People who promote these animals to families with children have blood on their hands.

Antidogbite said...

All dogs can bite and parents have to be extremely careful with young children. Dogs are social group animals that are part of a pecking order. The owners need to establish themselves as alpha, most can't even do that. Children are often seen as low ranking and a dog can attack them as a display of dominance. The difference with none fighting and fighting breeds is that if a none fighting breed shows dominance, your kid will end up with a scar, If its a fighting breed like a pit, your kid might just end up dead.

I was attacked by our family dog, a hunting/retriever type. I was about 1 and tried to touch a toy he was chewing on (he was about 1 as well), he bit me in the face and I have a scar on my chin and forehead. It wasn't anyone's fault, he was doing what his instinct told him and it was my parents first dog, they were naive. If it had been a pitbull I know I wouldn't have survived.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:14 am, I did the same thing as a child. I was about 2 and tried to play with a toy a poodle had. It was right in front of my mother and her friend in the kitchen. If any of the adults were smart, they would have prevented me from grabbing the toy, which to a two-year-old, looked exactly like a child's toy. How was I to know the dog would not want to share with me?

I was bit on the mouth. Yes, it was traumatic, I had to have stitches, but I survived. I have no fear of dogs and have had several dogs myself. I don't blame the dog, nor my two-year-old self, but I do blame my mother for being an idiot.

Just like I blame these parents for bringing fighting dogs into their homes as pets. What kind of idiot does not know the history of pit bulls as fighting dogs? Pit bulls are happiest when they are mauling. That's why dog fighters use pit bulls. I have yet to read about a fight bust with Chihuahuas as the predominate breed. Let's get real in 2018. Pit bulls are NOT PETS!

Dayna said...

What a beautiful little girl! I hope and pray she survives. I also hope she has minimal scarring.

Dayna said...

I was very pleasantly surprised by all the comments at the Daily Mail that were anti-pit bull. It was heartening.