Friday, January 12, 2018


This is my  8 yr old daughter Haelo. While on vacation in Vegas my daughter Haelo was bitten by a family pit bull. She was immediately rush to Sunrise Children’s Hospital to get treated. Words can’t  explain what I seen or felt at that moment and as a mother I never thought something like this could happen! Haelo had to have a 4 hour trauma surgery to her face and mouth which lead her to be sedated in PICU for 8 days straight. To see your child in this condition and not able to do anything but pray and hope everything will be ok. 

She still is swollen, bruised and swollen in her mouth. Doctors say she will recover at a percent. But mentally and physically there will be a long road ahead of us! We are still in Vegas at the hospital waiting for a release date for Haelo.

I wasn’t going to do a go fund me page, but with me out of work, medical bills will start coming in and the physical therapy sessions and maybe needing one more surgery, I decided to make a page for Haelo.  All monies donated will be directly paid towards Haelo’s medical bills and all surgery’s that has to be done! 

Mahalo, for reading and thank you for all your help



Anonymous said...

There is no way that a "normal" pet dog inflicts this kind of damage to a child. But a pitbull will. Years ago, English Springer spaniel breeders talked about rage syndrome in their breed. These dogs attacked their owners without warning and afterwards seemed oblivious as to what they had done. The difference is that, although affected dogs produced some nasty bites, the bites were minor next to pitbull bites. Affected dogs were euthanized and not bred. In pitbulls, it is not called rage syndrome. Dogs doing this are still bred and not automatically euthanized. Whereas English Springer spaniel breeders never said,"It's how they were raised", pitbull owners excuse viciousness. English Springer spaniel breeders never tried to train or socialize vicious dogs and they eliminated both individual dogs and bloodlines that produced these dogs. Yet no one talks about pitbull rage syndrome as if it doesn't exist. Instead, vicious pitbulls were all allegedly abused, neglected, or trained to do this. Therefore, if one omits the abuse and neglect and retrains the dog, it will be a fine family pet. English Springer spaniel breeders invested time and money into trying to find out medically what was wrong with these dogs. In pitbulls, it is allegedly not a genetic issue. Something's wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Pit bull breeders don't give a damn about actual bloodlines. They're backyard breeders, unlicensed, and wouldn't know a pedigree from a canine good citizen certificate.