Sunday, January 14, 2018


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So I have been contemplating posting anything since this tragic event happens in our lives Thursday evening. It was just like any regular night Elouise and I had just gotten out of the bath and Donnie took her to get her dressed and give her some milk and I was getting ready for bed when all of a sudden I heard growling and screaming. We then spent the next 10 hours in the hospital. Just like any other night Elouise was laying with Buck drinking her milk, only this time I don’t know if she touched him funny or what but he lost control. 

These two were best friends. They’ve been inseparable since we brought Elouise home, they haven’t left each other’s sides. They’ve grown up together. I’m sharing this because I want those who think there’s no way this could happen, to see what happened to someone who thought the exact same thing. I was wrong. I totally trusted him, and he had never done anything for me to think otherwise. I was the person that thought this would never happen to me. There is no way because he loves me and he loves us and was always so sweet and loving to those he knew. 

I know some will read this and feel bad and sorry for us and still think that there is no way this could happen to you. Well after the roller coaster experience I just dealt with I am telling you unfortunately there is a possibility and there is a chance that the furbaby you love so much could do this. Anyone who knows me, knows the love I have for animals which was why this experience was even more difficult.
Our beautiful Elouise is doing better and we keep praying everyday for a quick recovery. We appreciate any prayers you could send our way. With that being said with a sad heart we put Buck to sleep yesterday and lost the furbaby of our family. For friends and family we haven’t personally contacted we are sorry but appreciate any and all prayers you could send to the Wade family. I also want to thank those that have been there through this awful experience we really appreciate it.
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Anonymous said...

Nanny dogs my ass. The photos of the child with the dog should be used as evidence of child abuse. Who lets their child drink a bottle of milk while laying with a dog? NUTTERS!

Dayna Hamilton said...

Love how the mom still thinks maybe, just maybe her toddler 'touched him funny'. I'm actually surprised they put that thing to sleep and didn't just go on the first assumption that the child did something to provoke that. And the rest of the nutters out there will be thinking the same... it's the kid's fault.

Anonymous said...

If a child annoys a dog, there are times a dog may nip a child. However, there is no place where any dog for any reason should injure any child this severely. I am glad the owners had this dog euthanized, as it could never be trusted.