Tuesday, January 16, 2018


(Source: WTOL)

UPDATE:  The emotional support pit acted as a guard for the home http://www.wtol.com/story/37277284/dog-shot-after-attacking-tpd-officer

A Toledo police officer who shot and killed a dog that attacked and bit him in North Toledo was hospitalized Tuesday, authorities said.

Officer Mel Russell was treated at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center for a laceration on his left forearm and then released, according to a written statement released by police.
Officer Russell was helping evacuate a house about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the scene of a stove fire in the 1800 block of Mulberry Street when the house occupants'  "PIT BULL" type dog  attacked him as he tried to help them exit the house by the back door, according to police.
Police said that Officer Russell threw the dog off him.  The dog then attacked again, biting him on his left forearm, at which time he tried to shake the dog off and failed.  He then shot the dog 3 times, killing it, police said.   



Anonymous said...

That pit bull was specially trained to assist the officer assisting the family. The pit bull was only protecting its family and the officer.

Anonymous said...

"The emotional support pit acted as a guard for the home". Because of the ADA's dumba$$ rules, landlords feel they HAVE to accept these animals. They are a danger to the occupants, their neighbors and their landlords. We need a petition started to get ADA to make rules that don't endanger the others at the price of some jacka$$es "emotional support".

Anonymous said...

I am amazed by the update. An emotional support guard dog pit bull? That is a new one on me. Let me compliment the nutter on his superior dual dog training skills.

I would, however, like to point something out.

A pit bull needs no training to be a "guard dog." It comes naturally, as it is programmed into its DNA. Much like Border Collies need no training to herd, it comes naturally. Sure, more training will specialize the Border Collie's skills, but you don't have to take the dog to training for it to learn that behavior. With guard dogs, they require training. The guard dog is supposed to be in the control of the handler. Did this nutter tell the pit bull to attack the officer? NO? You mean the pit bull did it all on its own? That's not a guard dog, that is a typical out of control pit bull that will act on its first inclination, and that is to attack.

As far as an emotional support animal, not impressed. No training required, just a fake doctor's note and a certificate you can buy online.

I love how the nutters will tell everyone else what they could have done instead of killing their loved from the womb pit bull. The pit bull launched an attack on an officer, and most dogs would stop the attack after getting dislodged from the person's leg. But oh no! Not a pit bull! So the pit bull goes back for more, and the officer should have used non-lethal force with a pit bull? Hmm, I think the officer should have shot the pit bull in the head as soon as it latched onto his leg, but I'm a hater of pit bull attacks. Officers are fortunate in that they carry guns and get to shoot pit bulls to death when the need arises. The rest of us have to take our chances if we don't conceal carry.

I don't feel bad for this nutter. I have no sympathy for people that don't show an ounce of remorse for the TRUE VICTIM in this case, and it is NOT THE PIT BULL!

Dayna said...

"The dog's owners are frustrated and sad now. Demetruis Holmes said his emotional support pit bull Duke has never bitten anyone, but he did act as a guard dog for the family."

I'm just frustrated and sad that the emotional support pit didn't bite his stupid owner. When people finally start to get wise to the pit bull problem we will all need emotional and physical support from what their fighting breeds do.