Wednesday, January 10, 2018


UPDATE:  Carl Williams wrote on Facebook: "This is my sister she was killed by a pit bull so bad we can't view her love you miss you rest my baby sister."


OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE) - The Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office confirms that a woman died after being attacked by a dog at a West Monroe area pet boarding facility Tuesday night.
OPSO spokesperson Glenn Springfield did not release the name of the victim in his initial press statement, but a family member told KNOE that her name was Laura Williams Ray. The victim's identity was also released publically on social media by friends and family and other media outlets prior to this story going online.
Springfield said it was apparently a pit bull that attacked Ray. The dog was being boarded at the Happy Hound Hotel on Smith Street. He said Ouachita Parish Animal Control now has the dog.
The name of the dog's owner was not disclosed. Although OPSO said they believe it was a PIT BULL that attacked the victim, that has not been confirmed. We are reaching out to animal control for details.

The boarding facility is just south of West Monroe, in the Brownsville area. Since Happy Hound Hotel is outside West Monroe, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating.


Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating after a woman was killed by a PIT BULL at a local pet boarding facility.
According to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to the report of an injured person at Happy Hounds Hotel located at 517 Smith Street in West Monroe around 11:00 p.m. on January 9, 2018.
Deputies found a female victim at the location who appeared to have been severely injured by a pit bull dog that was being housed at the location.
According to a family member, Laura Williams Ray, mother of three children, was the woman who was killed Tuesday night.
The dog was released to Ouachita Parish Animal Control.
The investigation is continuing.
This is a developing story. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

2018 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 1   (0 children -1 adult)

1)  1-9 LAURA WILLIAMS RAY - 50's - BROWNSVILLE QUACHITA PARISH LA - She died from injuries after a pit bull mauled her at the Happy Hounds pet boarding facility where she worked - A FB friend said she was cleaning a kennel around 11pm when the 50 pound pit attacked her -  The owner had signed a form for the pit saying it was not aggressive and had never shown aggression - She was the mother of 4 children.  


Anonymous said...

That did not take long for pit bulls to ring in the new year with a new death.

I wonder what year we will no longer tolerate this carnage? 2019? 2020? Never?

Pit bull advocates just don't want to accept that pit bulls are lethal. I can't accept that there are people out there that are that stupid! How can you tell a lethal pit bull from a non-lethal pit bull by looking at them? YOU CAN'T! So why continue taking risks for such a worthless, ugly, useless breed?

Anonymous said...

Pitbull people find their dogs to be beautiful, loving dogs. Regardless of their opinion, the control will have to be with restricting the breeding. No kill shelters are not going to destroy them because 90% have to leave alive to be no kill.