Wednesday, February 21, 2018


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3 hrsCorum, OK

I’m utterly disappointed in our system. This poor micro horse was murdered tonight. My mother is a special needs teacher, this micro-horse is Outlaw her Registered Emotional Support Animal. Outlaw was trained to ride in the back of her CRV and loved trips to Tractor Supply, visiting Cub Scouts, and was being trained to visit hospitals. Outlaw was in his yard behind a 6 foot fence when he was attacked by two pit bulls. My mother had just got home when she heard the commotion i
n in the back yard, she went and saw the dogs attacking her horse, he went down and she thought for sure he had passed. The dogs turned on her but luckily she had her thick coat on. She fought them and chased them to their house right down the street. While running barefoot down her street following the dogs, she called 911. When she got to the house where the dogs were she knocked on the door to inform the owner of what happened. He shrugged her off and said that he only let them out for a few minutes and they don’t bite. She went home to wait on law enforcement. Animal control showed up, took a few pictures and went to the other house. In the meantime we wrapped Outlaw up in a comforter and put him in my moms CRV and went to the vet. Dr. Doug met us at Southwest Veterinary Hospital and we started Outlaw on fluids. We got him stood up and that’s when we discovered just how severe the damage was. The dogs had basically began to eat him alive. His lower rump was gone, all of the muscles on the backs of his legs were gone, he had sustained too many damages to come back from it. So we did the humane thing and put him down. My husband stayed behind and checked back in with animal control who advised him that there was nothing they could do because it was “he said she said”. The owner admitted the dogs were out, yet he didn’t even pick up the dogs or really look at them. How is this possible, you would think an animal would be safe in his own yard. I’m not here to start a fight against pit bulls, I’m here because an innocent animal was murdered tonight. And if these dogs can take down a mini horse there is no telling what they can do to a child. I pray that she is able to get somewhere with the District Attorney tomorrow. We need justice for Outlaw.


Anonymous said...

"My husband stayed behind and checked back in with animal control who advised him that there was nothing they could do because it was 'he said she said'."

I think the evidence is clear. There is a witness that saw the pit bulls attacking Outlaw, and Outlaw was severely mauled. This is NOT 'he said she said". This is animal control not wanting to do their job and CONTROL PIT BULLS!

Dayna said...

Yep. Huge failure on AC's part. Plus, the dogs did go after the horse owner. I guess that's ok too..

Anonymous said...

You can convict a person of murder with eyewitness testimony. Why is it AC requires a higher standard of proof? They just are too lazy or scared to do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

MY AC is the same way. Unless an animal control officer witnesses a pit bull roaming at large, attacking, maiming, or killing, it didn't happen. Thank God for surveillance cameras and smart phones! That evidence is sanctioned.