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UPDATE:  http://blackburnnews.com/chatham/chatham-news/2018/02/14/fundraiser-organized-little-boy-dog-attack/

Toddler attacked by two dogs in Wallaceburg. (Photo taken from GoFundMe page).

UPDATE:  Family says the 2 AMERICAN BULLDOGS HAVE ATTACKED BEFORE:  http://www.chathamdailynews.ca/2018/02/07/boy-on-mend-after-attack-by-two-dogs

Jordan died from injuries from an attack by two American Bulldogs in the fall of last last year. Jordan's owners and neighbours said the same two dogs viciously attacked a three-year-old boy on Monday. (Tucker Marcolin)
Jordan died from injuries from an attack by two American Bulldogs in the fall of last year. Jordan's owners and neighbours said the same two dogs viciously attacked a three-year-old boy on Monday. (Tucker Marcolin)

A Wallaceburg family is feeling a number of different feelings after hearing that a little boy in their neighbourhood was attacked by two American Bulldogs, because they say the two dogs have attacked before.
Nick and Lisa Persyn say their dog Jordan, a Jack Russell/Lab was also attacked by the same two dogs in October of last year, and later died from his injuries three weeks later. They say they want changes in the way dog attacks are reported and addressed so that incidents don't happen over and over again.
The condition of a three-year-old Wallaceburg boy Tucker Marcolin, who was attacked by two dogs on Monday, is improving as he remains in a Michigan hospital.
He was attacked by a dog while tobogganing at Wallaceburg's Jaycee Park down the street from his house with his babysitter and six-year-old brother. Police said two dogs escaped from their home and attacked the three-year-old child around 5 p.m.
The incident with the Persyns happened at Jaycee Park as well. They took their dog and their two-year-old daughter to the park on Oct. 20.
While at the park, two dogs, who they say were unattended, charged at Jordan.
“They got Jordan on one side of the neck and the other dog came around the other side of me and got him on the other side of his neck,” said Lisa Persyn. She tried to kick the dogs off of her dog, but they wouldn't stop them.
“They just had this growl and this determination that this is what they were going to do and they were going to tear him apart,” Lisa Persyn said.
Nick Persyn, a mountain of a man at almost six-foot-eight, covered up his dog to prevent it from being attacked.
“The dogs were jumping on me and over me and trying to get in wherever they can to bite him,” Nick Persyn said.
The Persyns said the attack went on for almost 15 minutes.
“They were just relentless. It was the most vicious thing,” Persyn said.
They say up to the incident their dog was doing well for an older dog. Jordan wasn't same after the attack. He was scratched up pretty bad, and wasn't eating after the incident. He kept on getting sick. Jordan developed bleeding stomach ulcers and died three weeks after the attack.
The incident haunts the Persyns.
The Persyns said they wanted something done about the dogs. They warned neighbours and contacted Pet and Wildlife Rescue (PAWR). Lisa Persyn credited PAWR for following up on the incident, and said they were working on the file, but said more should've been done.
“Those dogs should've been euthanized,” Lisa Persyn said. “These dogs were out for blood, this was different, this wasn't just a little snip.... If he (Nick) wasn't there (Jordan) would've been done right there.”
The incident also left the Persyns with a $1,000 veterinary bill.
After hearing about the incident with Tucker Marcolin on Monday, they said their hearts broke after hearing from neighbours that the dogs attacked again, this time a little boy.
Ther Persyns said there was feelings of guilt that they didn't get the job done in pushing for action against the dogs. They said they felt flustered.
“Something needs to be done or changed, so that an attack at that level things have to happen more than a slap on the wrist,” Lisa Persyn said.
They said the dogs have terrorized the neighbourhood in the past, the Persyn said, prior to the two attacks.
The Courier Press attempted to get a comment via social media from the woman who neighbours say owns the dogs, but she hasn't yet responded.
During Monday's incident a man and woman visiting family on Larkwood Street immediately ran to the park to help the young boy and babysitter, police said.
Tucker's six-year-old brother ran to safety and the injured boy was carried from the scene to a home as 911 was called, police said. The babysitter, who sustained non-life threatening injuries, was treated and released from hospital.
The injured boy was taken to the Sydenham Campus of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance and was later transferred to a Michigan hospital for further medical treatment.
The dogs were identified and seized by Pet and Animal Wildlife Rescue and are currently in quarantine.
The community has rallied around the boy, as a GoFundMe set up on Tuesday, has raised over $18,000 in just under 24 hours. The goal for the campaign was $2,500 and that figure was surpassed in the first hour of the campaign.
In an update on the page, it said Tucker has had a few surgeries, and things are looking up.
“Tucker "The Tank" is a strong little boy who will get through this, he is currently in Detroit and will be there for over a week while he is monitored 24/7 healing,” they wrote in an update.
In an update on the GoFundMe page, it said it's expected that Tucker will make a full recovery. The GoFundMe page said Tucker had lots of stitches on his face and leg.
The money raise is aimed at helping the family with travel costs and the lost time from work for the parents.
Police continue to seek information from the public as the investigation into the incident continues.
Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Const. Ed Vannoord at edmondv@chatham-kent.ca or at 519-436-6600 ext. 8668. Anonymous calls can also be made to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

A toddler is being treated at a Michigan hospital after a dog attack in Wallaceburg.
Chatham-Kent police say two children, a six-year-old boy and a three-year-old boy, along with their babysitter were tobogganing at Jaycee Park around 5pm Monday.
Police say two dogs escaped from a nearby home and went after the three-year-old. The six-year-old ran for safety while the babysitter and two bystanders tried to "PRY THE DOGS"  from the child.
The toddler was taken to the Sydenham District Hospital but has since been transferred to a Michigan hospital. The babysitter received treatment at the local hospital for non life-threatening injuries. The two dogs have been seized by PAWS Animal Rescue and are being held in quarantine.
Police are investigating and are looking to speak with anyone who has information regarding the attack. Those who do are asked to contact Constable Ed Vannoord at edmondv@chatham-kent.ca or 519-436-6600 ext. 8668.


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Kids can't even sled anymore without pit bulls coming to try and kill them.

When is enough, enough?

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Of course the media would not report that they were pit bulls. And why did a resume get them? They should be put down at the human society!!! Sicko owners should be wanting them put down. They ruined a child's life! Disgusting low-life pit bull owners!